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Taming the Trim Beast

My “Singing Gig Dress” provided instructional to me on several levels. First was the fit/matte jersey issue that I discussed yesterday on the Sewing Divas Blog. The second conundrum I ran into was the trim. The neckline of the dress is curved. The trim I used was a heavily encrusted, beaded trim that was backed […]

Project Runway

Tim's Here!!!!

The mail came, and my DS the younger came upstairs with a package for me, saying, “Dad says you’ll be amused.” I was perplexed, until I saw the return address: EMC2. At first I thought that it was from EMC the computer storage manufacturer (old nerd habits die hard), but then I realized it was […]

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Fit Class Started Tonight!

I’m so happy. My “Fit a Skirt Pattern” started tonight. I have a group of (all returning) students. Tonight’s class was all about explaining pattern sizing vs. RTW, and getting their measurements. It was hilarious and gratifying. We’re going to work from the skirt in Simplicity 5311: It’s a multi-sized pattern that includes both misses […]


Ramadan Begins

(Image from I’m not sure if there is a greeting for those celebrating Ramadan. I hope those who do have easy fasts and find peace and revelation during the Holy Month. And to quote another religious source (no, I’m not one of THOSE, I’m just trying to keep it equitable), “Peace on Earth, goodwill […]


L'Shana Tova

(Photo by David Morrison) I hope I spelled that right. Please let me know if I didn’t – I’ll plead Irish Catholic. Happy New Year to those celebrating Rosh Hashanna. I’m singing with a local group in November, and the piece is called “Shofar”. It’s a world premier by a local composer and it is […]


Matte Jersey, Friend or Foe?

The story so far: I’m making Butterick 4849 for a singing gig I have in two weeks. My decision on fabrication was – and still is – a rayon matte jersey that I bought from Kashi at Metro Textiles in New York. I am n admitted muslin hound. I had not made this pattern before, […]


Rumours of My Internet Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I thought about calling this post “But I’m Not Dead Yet!” , but I’m not sure how many of you are Monty Python fans. Do you remember that skit? John Cleese is walking through the town with a wheelbarrow calling, “Bring out your dead!” One of the others brings out Michael Palin, who says, “But […]


My (Other) Babies

Can I show you something? These are two things that make my sewing life a lot easier and my outside life more fun. Last year for my (mumble mumble)-fifth birthday, I took my Threads Magazine earnings and bought myself a Juki industrial straight stitch machine. This baby is one fast little machine! Actually, it’s not […]

Project Runway

Oh Pleeeeeeeeze Let Me Be One of the First 50!

How cool is this? The PRunGayBoys have posted a link to Emmett McCarthy’s site. Emmett is hosting a Show and Sale this Saturday at his Downtown locale. Well, being the super-fabulous mom of two young boys, my fall weekends are shot and I can’t make it. BUT, he is selling Tim Gunn bobblehead dolls! And […]

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Next Up – A Dress for a Singing Gig

Okay! It’s the fall, that means singing season is getting into full swing. I have two gigs coming up in as many weeks. One is at Tufts University’s Goddard Chapel. It’s just a half-hour recital at the noon hour, but what the heck. It’s a great chance to trot out some things, and it gives […]