Burda Halloween Patterns Singing

Hell Week Begins…

The title of this post doesn’t refer to Halloween, though the sound track to this week could very well be “Night on Bald Mountain”. I have an incredibly jam packed week coming up! I am singing in “Shofar” at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater. It’s a beautiful piece that was written by Robert Stern, a local […]


My Sewing Library – Part Eins

I have a bunch of sewing books that I keep handy. I have a lot more that I keep in the spare bedroom (AKA the cutting room) and reference when needed. I thought it would be fun to share which books I have and hear what other reference books folks find invaluable. The A List […]

Burda Patterns Singing


That’s Works In Progress – semiconductor talk (I think garment industry too, but I’m not sure) I just finished making a whole lotta velvet bags for the local wine stores. Thank god for my industrial! That baby can crank them out in under a minute. Okay, maybe I help a little, but the Juki does […]

Laura Bennett Patterns Project Runway

Oh Yes, Laura, Please Do!

This is a post from the latest edition of Outzone online magazine. A very big shout of thanks to the Project RunGay boys for bringing it to the attention of everyone. For those who are not denizens (Love that word! It’s Tim Gunn and Sid Vicious all wrapped in one neat little package, no?) of […]


Taking One Off the (sewing) Table

Well, one project just got pulled off the table for now. I won’t be making my Winchester Hospital Gala dress after all. My friend Danielle owns a boutique, and she and I are co-captains of a table – I just got the note from the gala chair. So Danielle asked me if I would do […]



That’s not some foreign swear, it’s Italian for “enough”. What is with people these days? The internet is just plain nutty, and I don’t mean cashews and pecans. Sewing sites are getting particularly weird. I subscribe to two that have threads in which members are discussing the pros and cons of a certain pattern company. […]

Vogue Appears to be Down

Hmmm, Barry must have the site down for maintenance. Well, here’s a picture of the coat that I reviewed on Stitchers Guild and Patternreview: The buttons are two buttons (a flat mother of pearl and a shanked iridescent plastic button) sewn on top of one another. The fabric I used is the camel hair I […]

Miscellaneous Singing

Product, Baby, Product!

I’ve been asked by several people how I got my hair so “big” for my singing gig. Redken, dears! I use a whole lot of mousse first, then dry my hair using my fingers to style it – DH bought me a Super Solano dryer last Christmas, and that puppy is powerful. You need that […]


Judge Not….

Wow, I just posted a picture of myself in my singing gig dress at another site, and I got smacked by a few people about its inappropriateness for singing at a mass. One person, who has never contributed to the site, wrote: “seems pretty low cut for a FBA at a Mass gig…with a presider […]

Home Dec Reviews

Not-so-instant Replay: My Slipcover Adventure

I backed up all my posts to another site recently, and in doing so, I saw a couple of reviews of projects that I had done that still make me laugh or otherwise tickle my fancy. Since I’m too busy getting ready for my next recital (next Thursday at 12:30 at Tufts University’s Goddard Chapel, […]