I Got More of the Missoni Multi on Umber Knit!

Missoni (the real stuff, not the Target stuff) Knit!

Did you miss the Missoni Multi-on-Umber fabulous sweater knit? Well don’t despair, I got more! I have 10 more yards, but that’s it. So hurry over to Gorgeous Fabrics. I also have a wonderful selection of wools from that couturier on the rue Cambon, lots of charmeuses from New York’s hottest designers, and sweater knits that will keep you warm from now through next spring!

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Year of the Little Black Dress Kicks Off Today!

Are you in the New England area? It’s a cruddy day, so why don’t you head on over to the Berlin, MA Old Town Hall today at 1:00, and take part in the New England Chapter of the ASDP’s inaugural meeting for the Year of the Little Black Dress. Here are all the specifics…

New England Chapter, Inc. • Established 1991

Presents:  The Year of the Little Black Dress, Session 1
Fitting and Pattern Adjustments with Sue Bennett

Are you looking to tweak your patterns so they fit you perfectly? Come join us for a fun, informative session on fitting and pattern adjustments! In this two-hour session, avail yourself of fitting expert Sue Bennett and other members of ASDP New England. Sue will cover fitting and adjustment considerations for your Little Black Dress, and other types of garments, including:

•    Taking accurate body measurements
•    Adjustments to your pattern to accommodate your measurements
•    Adjustments to muslins
•    Pattern and fabric selection to make your garment a success

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2011
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM
Location: Berlin Town Hall, 12 Woodward Avenue, Berlin, MA
Cost: $20 (free for members of ASDP New England)
You can register at the door.

Sue Bennett is the owner of Private Label, a custom clothing design and alterations studio in Holyoke, MA.  She has written several “Fitting” columns and articles for THREADS magazine

Directions to Berlin Town Hall:
12 Woodward Avenue, Berlin, MA
From Interstate 495:
–Take the Route 62 W exit, EXIT 26, toward BERLIN/CLINTON.
–Turn LEFT onto MA-62/COOLIDGE ST. Continue to follow MA-62.  2.0 mi
–End at 12 Woodward Ave Berlin, MA on the right.
–Ample free street parking is available.

So come on down! You don’t have to bring just your Little Black Dress. Today’s session will be on fitting any garment. Get inspired, get fitted and get going!

Happy fitting!

Holy Crap, Where Did the Week Go???

Jiminy Christmas, I can’t believe this week flew by so fast. I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work, and I haven’t had time to sew for myself. The good news is that I found the outer garment muslin for my Pippa dress! It was exactly where it should have been, which is why I haven’t been able to find it. I’ll try to show pictures tomorrow. It’s been folded up for two weeks, so I need to iron it and reacquaint myself with it. And I promise I’ll take pictures of the fabric I’m going to use to make it, and you will understand then why I want to perfect the muslin first.

Let’s see, in other news, DS the Eldest had his first public appearance as drum major last night! Here’s a little movie I took with my phone. He’s the DM on the left:
Drum Major!

Woot woot! There’s a much longer video that I uploaded to Facebook, where you can see the whole routine. Which involves him kneeling and rolling on the ground. In white pants! What Einstein came up with that idea? Three wash cycles, a quarter of a canister of Oxy Clean and about a cup of Z’Out later, his pants are white again. Grrrrr….

Tomorrow, I start singing with a new church group. I haven’t been singing much lately, and the absence of music has weighed on me. The group is at the church where all my former choir-mates fled when the new (jerk) priest took over from Fr. Lenny. It will be so good to sing again!

The biggest news this week was on Thursday. I went to see my oncologist for my three-month checkup, and my labs were all normal. Now I graduate to the four-month checkup plan!!!! That’s a huge deal. Fingers are crossed. If you have received a diagnosis of cancer, you never stop looking over your shoulder, but the longer you have to go between reminders (i.e. visits to the doctor), the better!

I didn’t get to sew today, because my family and I went into Boston, and I treated myself to new makeup. Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to shut myself in my sewing room and work on my cape and the Pippa Dress. Pictures to follow…

Happy sewing!

Texon, or, “Yah Cahn’t Get Theyah from Heeyah.”

Boy, now I feel bad. The number one item everyone wanted from my Charitable Sale the other day (there are still a few items left, BTW, and it’s all going to a good cause!) was the Texon.

Texon is a specialized interfacing (kind of like a dense but thin cardboard), used in shoe and accessories manufacture. I used to buy it in 50-yard rolls when I had my handbag manufacturing operation. Alas, I don’t know of any retail sources of Texon, sorry.

However, I do have another option for you. Two-ply buckram is used for millinery and historical garments. It’s very stiff and it retains its strength over time. It’s not as stiff as Texon, but it’s pretty close. If you are a glutton for punishment want a really stiff side or bottom, you can glue two layers together. It is available from Lacis and from historical costume suppliers.

HTH, and Happy Sewing!

It’s an 8-Hour Flash Sale at Gorgeous Fabrics!

Start your engines and fill your shopping bags folks. Starting at noon (EDT) today, we’re running an 8-hour-long flash sale on knits! All knits, including the brand new ones, will be priced at 15% off our regular great prices! Many of these are in short quantities to begin with, so get ready to hit the button at 12:00 sharp. The rest of the world will find out about it when the sale starts.

Happy sewing!

Did You Get Yours Yet?

I got mine! Patterns, that is. Club BMV is having a huge sale through Saturday. For club members only, all patterns are $4.95 each (limit 10 per customer). Here’s what I got:

Vogue 1259 by Donna Karan

I need a few fabulous dresses, ad this one fits the bill beautifully. I think I’ll make it up with

Lightweight Cotton Jersey

Lightweight Cotton Jersey in Plum. How specatacular will that be?

Vogue 1254 by Anne Klein

I just lurve the lines of this dress. It will be interesting doing a FBA on it. I haven’t decided which fabric I want to use for it, but I’m leaning toward a wool crepe. This one has black, white, and a smattering of navy in it, which keeps it interesting without overwhelming me with navy (not my best color).

Fabulous Wool Crepe – Black/White/Navy Melange

Vogue 8744

The raglan lines on this are just spectacular, aren’t they? I just got this rayon doubleknit in, and I think it will look stunning.

Designer Rayon Doubleknit – British Tan

For DH, I got this shirt:

Vogue 8759

I’ll let him pick out the fabric.

And as long as I’m thinking about shirts…

Vogue Basic Design 8747

Love that it has the A/B/C/D options. I need a new white shirt, so I may go with this jacquard.

“Corded” Italian Stretch Cotton Shirting – White

And finally, these leggings will be so fun! I think I’ll make View D

McCalls 6404

I’ve been looking for a pattern to match up with this Super-Stretch Heavy RPL, and this is it!

That’s what I got – how about you?

Happy sewing!

Measuring Knit Stretch… A Question

How do you measure stretch?

Okay, so here’s one that has me stumped. I figured perhaps one of my wonderful readers would know. Several references say that, to measure the stretch in a knit, double it over (in the direction of the stretch), then stretch it out to see how far it will go. That is the amount of stretch in your fabric.

Why “double it over”?

I don’t really understand the reasoning here. I’ve conducted some highly unscientific experiments with lots of different types of knits: wool jerseys, ITY’s, tricots, double knits, you name it. I don’t get any measurable difference if I double it over or if I leave it in a single layer. Also, my logical self says, “Well, you don’t wear it doubled, so doesn’t it make more sense to measure the stretch the way it will be worn?”

Can anyone help me out? Does it really matter? I say no, and I measure the stretch in a single layer when I put it up on Gorgeous Fabrics. But I’m not wed to that if there is a compelling reason to use doubled over fabric. Anyone have ideas or opinions?

Oh, speaking of Gorgeous Fabrics, the Memorial Day sale continues in full force. Check it out – most fabrics are on sale through tomorrow (5/30/11) for 20% off!

Happy sewing!