Pattern Review – Vogue 1053 (OOP) Pants

Montana Jacket and Pants
Pattern Description: “MISSES’ JACKET AND PANTS: Fitted, partially interfaced lined jacket with welt pockets and flaps, princess seams, front inset button closing, two-piece sleeves with button vents. Semi-fitted pants with front fly closing, side front pockets and below waistline fit with button carriers.” I made the pants.

Sizing: 4-18. I made a 12

Fabric Used: Stunning Italian RPL in Ecru from Gorgeous Fabrics (of course!) Wow – this is one of the very few times I actually get to sew with a current fabric!

Needle/Notions Used: Stretch 75/10 needle, Metrosene poly thread, Pro Tricot Deluxe interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply, buttons and zipper from my stash.

Did it look like the photo or drawing when you got through? Yes

How were the instructions? I don’t normally use the instructions, but I have been doing so much hand sewing lately that I needed to brush up on the fly insertion. I was really impressed. The instructions for the fly were definitely the best I have seen in a while. Bravo Vogue!

Construction Notes: I cut this pattern along the size 12 lines, but I changed the back crotch line to be an “L” shape rather than the standard Vogue “J” curve. I find that modification gives me a better fit and minimizes any saggy-baggy-butt look. DH likes to call these my “a$$ hugger pants”. Hey, he likes them!

The other change was at the pockets. This pattern calls for a faced pocket.

Faced pockets

The instructions have you sew a French seam for the pocket curve. With this fabric (actually, with anything heavier than a tropical weight wool or similar), that puts more bulk at the hip and side seam than I wanted. So instead, I just stitched the pockets and facings together in a regular seam and trimmed the allowance with my pinking shears.

Less bulk this way

Likes/Dislikes: I wanted to make these pants in time for the trip to Chicago. Hey, speaking of which, did you see the post I did on the fashion show for Threads Online? I didn’t have time to finish them for that, but I was determined to have them ready to go for Easter. And by gum, at 9 this morning I was putting the final hem in!

What I really like is that these hit me in a very comfortable place. They are slightly below my natural waistline, but not too extreme. I can sit in them and not worry that I’ll show anything that would embarrass my children. This fabric is really, really comfortable, and has nice stretch and recovery, which is good when you’re going to brunch. I think these are really a classic pair of pants. It’s a shame that they are discontinued, but you can still buy them from the Vogue website, so if you want a great pair of pants, this is one to check out.

Would you do it again? Would you recommend it? Yes and yes!

Conclusion: Great pants! Here they are on me this morning. I’d been wearing them for a while, so pardon the wrinkles. Front:

With the Chanel Jacket

And back:

"Ass grabbers"

Oh, and after brunch, I finally finished the Chanel Jacket! I was a wee bit short on the chain trim, so when DH was in New York this week I asked him to stop at M&J and get me one more yard. Gawd I love that man! BFF was hosting the brunch, and she was amused that I showed up with a sewing kit. While she did dishes (I’m a hell of a friend, aren’t I?) I sewed the chain to the jacket. Here it is in its entirety on Shelley

Ta Daaa!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Splendid Spring, Amazing Autumn to those Down under and….
Happy sewing!

If You Subscribe to Threads Magazine, Read This

I just got notification from ASDP (I’m a member) of a scam going around regarding renewal of Threads Magazine subscriptions by unauthorized agents.
Here is the Taunton Press’ official response.

If you subscribe to Threads, do read this.

3/9/2010 3:42PM ETA Lo and behold – I just got my mail and in there was an envelope. The return address on the back reads Orbital Publishing Group, and it’s a bill for Threads Magazine from Publishers Billing Exchange. So hey, looks like my timing was impeccable. I ripped it up and requested to be taken off their mailing list.

Happy sewing!

I Are Published Again!

I just got a package from Taunton Press yesterday. They have a magazine that is newsstand only called CraftStylish (used to be SewStylish) Quick Stuff to Sew. If you flip to page 46, you’ll see an article, “Designer Cuff”, by yours truly!

I don’t see it on The Taunton Website yet, so it may not be on newsstands just yet, but if not, it will be shortly. Check it out!

Happy Sewing!

Check it out!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I’m a published author again! The “Super Triple Secret Project” is a jacket that I made for this article for Threads Magazine. The article is available online, but without some of the pictures, notably of the front of the jacket. You can read all of my, ahem, adventures with this jacket at The Sewing Divas Blog. The full article is available on newsstands today.

Happy sewing!

Hey! I are a Celebrity!

Okay, I’m really about 6 degrees lower on the celebrity scale than, say Kathy Griffin. But I got my own little video on the Threads Magazine Website!

The shoot itself was a blast. Gary, the videographer from Taunton Press, is a consummate professional. It was a humid day in the Boston area. We have had a ton of rain this spring, and that day was no exception. Because it hasn’t been hot, we hadn’t brought up the A/Cs yet, so we had to work in my sewing “studio” (an 8 foot by 10 foot room) with no relief from the humidity. Thankfully, Gary is a wiz, and I can talk a blue streak with no prompting. I had to actually slow down my speaking – ask any of The Sewing Divas – I usually talk fast. It’s that whole born-in-New-England thing, I’m sure. We were pretty much improvising everything. I had all the tools, and I actually do know how to use them, and I’ve even taught other folks how to use them before, so I was able to give an extemporaneous lesson. But boy, do I ever admire folks like newscasters who can rattle off a report with few notes and no TelePrompTers!

I haven’t seen the article in Threads yet. My subscription will probably come in the next day or so. But it’s kind of fun to see myself on screen, even if I only see how much weight I have to lose. And all those years of operatic training must be paying off. I don’t hear too much of a Bahstin accent, even though I grew up in Jamaica Plain!

Happy Pressing