And the Winner of The Dressmaker’s Guide To Couture Sewing Techniques is….

Mary Rames!

Thanks to everyone for entering. I’m sorry I don’t have a book for each of you, but I’m sure there will be more giveaways soon.

I spent this afternoon at an ASG meeting, where Andrea Schwe did a great talk about her history and processes of pattern design. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to her beforehand privately. She is a lovely lady, and an incredible pattern designer. Her patterns are available through Simplicity, and they are fabulous! BTW, she also designed the blockbuster “Titanic” Rose gowns patterns, which are selling on eBay for a lot of money and which have always been among my favorites.

So thanks again for playing. Next up on my sewing table is a blouse using StyleArc’s Holly in a stash silk that I just rediscovered.

Until then, happy sewing!

10th Blog-A-Versary Giveaway

Wow – I just realized that in May I passed my 10th anniversary of blogging! Lots has happened since that early May day in 2006, most of it good. 10 years is a pretty big deal, so I’m going to do a giveaway. Three giveaways, in fact! Three lucky winners will get one of these fabulous prizes…

Behind Door Number 1
Holographic Leather
We have 2 super soft lamb suede skins. They are black, covered with holographic dots and they are so fun!

Behind Door Number 2
Sweater Knit
We have 5 yards of blue sweater knit. The colors are clearer and more saturated than my phone camera registered. It’s really beautiful, and soft.

And behind Door Number 3
Striped Rayon Jersey
We have 5 yards of gray and bright pink striped rayon jersey. There’s enough for a a wardrobe’s worth.

So, how do you go about winning one of these beauties?
Simple. Leave a comment here before Noon EDT on June 10, 2016 saying… oh I don’t know … which outfit or item I’ve made and posted on this blog is your favorite. You got 10 years worth of my fabulousness to choose from, so take your time. šŸ™‚

Three winners will be chosen at random from the entrants. We’ll choose who gets which piece.

One entry per person. Winners will be notified on Friday afternoon by email. This giveaway is open to US addresses only. International postage has gotten way out of hand expensive, sorry.

Thanks for 10 years+ of reading along with me. Good luck, and happy sewing!

Book Giveaway – Make Your Own Dress Patterns

May 19 Update: Folks, there seems to be some misinformation floating out there. The drawing will take place tomorrow, May 20th,at noon EDT.

I was cleaning off my bedside table this morning and realized I have two copies of one of the seminal (for me) and still one of the best (IMO) books on pattern making out there: Adele Margolis’ Make Your Own Dress Patterns, with over 1000 how-to illustrations.

IMG_4585Published in 1985, and the illustrations reflect that:

IMG_4621 IMG_5023 IMG_6084

this book still has some of the best information on pattern making and, by extension, modifications of existing patterns.

Here’s the drill on how to win. Just leave a comment in the comments section to enter.Ā One entry per person.Ā Feel free to say how smart/talented/classy/gorgeous/whatever you think I am for doingĀ this. It won’t help, but it couldn’t hurt! šŸ˜‰

The giveaway isĀ open to everyone everywhere, but if you are outside of the US, you will have to pay for shipping (I’ll send it book rate or the cheapest possible way).

The winner will be chosen by random drawing. I’ll announce the winner at noon this Friday, May 20th. You can enter right up until then.

Have fun, good luck, and happy sewing!


Giveaway Time!

And the winners are:

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be in touch shortly to get your addresses.

I was cleaning out my office the other day and I came across a couple of tools that I thought you might be able to use. As most of you know, I use the Pantone Color numbering system to try to give you an estimate of the colors in fabrics. For many years, Pantone sold a “retail” version of their fan decks, called the Pantone ShoppingĀ Guide. At $25 it was well within the budgetsĀ of most home sewing enthusiasts, and it was readily available at fabric stores and home-dec stores.

Alas, several years back, Pantone decided to discontinue that particular fan deck. Occasionally you can find them on eBay, but they have become rarer than hen’s teeth. I switched, for the business, to theĀ Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors fan deck. It’sĀ a lot more expensive ($225), so most home sewers don’t buy it.

In front is the Shopping Guide. Behind are the two decks I use in place of it.
In front is the Shopping Guide. Behind are the two decks I use in place of it.

Back to my office cleanup, I came across three of these decks tucked away in a credenza. Two are Pantone Shopping Guides, and one is a Pantone-licensed deck from MyMaison.

Shopping Color Guide 2
The card stock on this one is a lot lighter than the Pantone guides but it’s still useful

All three are discontinued, and all three have been used. The two Pantone bonafides are more dog-eared than the MyMaison, because they are sturdier and hold up better to the abuse extensive use they gotĀ here at Gorgeous Fabrics Galactic Headquarters. The front cover of one of the Pantone decks (the one not pictured) had an unfortunate run-in with a rotary cutter and is missing a corner, but otherwise is complete. The colors in all the decks are still pretty true – they are certainly good enough for sewing applications.

I was about to drop them in the recycling bin when I realized, someone might be able to use them, so why not useful-cycle them? So here’s the fun part – I’m doing a giveaway!

Three lucky people will win one of these decks. Let’s see… what hoop should you jump through to win one? How about this – pick your favorite Tip or TutorialĀ (note: the tip or tutorial mustĀ come from this blog), and tell me which it is in the comments section. I know. It’s lame, but it’s … I dunno, something, and maybe one of the tips or tutorials will be helpful to someone, so humor me. Leave your choiceĀ in the comments section, along with your email so I can contact the winners forĀ your mailing address. I encourage you to use the name “at” isp “dot” com format. I just realized that you need to giveĀ your email to leave a comment, so you don’t need to put your email in your comment, unless it’s different from the email you use to sign in. Thanks!

On Saturday, November 14 I’ll draw three lucky winners at random to win. Ā I have to limit this to US only, unless you’re willing to pay international postage. If you are, please make note of that in your comment so we can arrange payment for postage (first class).

I’ll announce the winners the morning of the 14th, and I’ll contact the lucky three that same day. If for any reason I can’t get hold of a winner by the 21st I’ll pull another name from the hat. And heck, if you want, I’ll even autograph the deck for you. šŸ™‚

Good luck and happy sewing!

We Have a Winner!!!

One lucky duck!

Thank you to all for your kind words and wishes on our 8th anniversary! I wish I could give each one of you a big hug. I put all the entries in a hat, shook them up and picked out one. No, really I added up the number of entries, pulled up a well-regarded random number generator on the web, and let it do the picking for me. Same thing but without wasting paper. And the winner isā€¦ (drumroll, please)

Denise L. from California!!!

Denise, I’ll be sending your gift certificate shortly. Thanks again to everyone for entering. Remember – there’s still two more days plus a few hours to take advantage of 28% to 50% savings on almost everything at Gorgeous Fabrics! I’ll be adding new fabrics tonight and tomorrow, and they will be included in the sale, too.

Click Here to Shop the Sale!

So have fun and happy sewing!

We Have a Winner in the Threads DVD Giveaway!

Thank you all for entering! Everyone who made a purchase from Gorgeous Fabrics this month was automatically entered, as well as everyone who left comments on the blog before 6:00 tonight. Here’s the result from the random number generator at

Random Number Result 3-30-14
And that means the winner isā€¦ (drumroll please)

Elizabeth B in Vermont!!!

Congratulations to Elizabeth. We’ll send the DVD set out this week by USPS. Thank you to everyone for playing!

Happy sewing!