Another One Bites the Dust

From Craine’s Business Report:

Another garment center seam rips
A 91-year-old dress supply company becomes the latest in long series of garment firms to file for bankruptcy; lists largest creditor as landlord Olmstead Properties.

Another tenant has been cut out of the fabric of the garment center. Greenberg & Hammer Inc., a 91-year-old dress-supply company based on Eighth Avenue and West 37th Street, has liquidated. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, released Thursday, listed assets of $55,964 and liabilities totaling nearly $441,000…

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Oh dear. I was in G&H this summer, and my radar was going off that something was not right. Chapter 7 liquidation means the business is closing completely. I think things started going south before they moved from their street-level location to the 7th floor of an 8th Avenue building. To get in to the store, you had to sign in with the surly guard in the lobby – never a good thing for a retail operation.

Well, there’s a damned shame. Vale G&H. You will be missed.

Not-so-happy sewing…

Another Shameless Plug

I just ordered and received a zipper assortment from ZipperStop in New York City. The company, formally known as A. Feibusch Corporation, has been in operation in the downtown area for years. They have great product and great service. They carry YKK, Talon, Swarovski, and Riri zippers. They also carry lots of other supplies for sewing and the garment industry. And happily, they are not affected by the rezoning of the Garment District. They are located on the Lower East Side. I spoke with Jeff Feibusch the other day and realized that I was staying within just a couple of subway stops from them when I was there last month. Ah well, I will make it to their storefront next time I’m there.

But if you make it to New York, do stop by their store. And you can order from their online store at eBay. I’ve done that many times, and the product and service are always top notch. I buy in bulk from them most of the time, but I’ll also buy specials on occasion. They’ll work with you to get you exactly the closure you need for your project.

They are located at:

A. Feibusch Corp.
27 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212-226-3964
Fax: 212-226-5844

Thanks to Lorna for pointing out that I forgot their eBay store. You can visit them on eBay here:
ZipperStop eBay Store

I have no association with these folks other than as a very happy customer.

Happy zipping!