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The Pressinatrix’s New Totally Non-Sewing But Still Amazingly Useful Tool

Ed. Note: this is not a sponsored post. Dearest Minions Readers, Your Pressinatrix has found the most useful tool, and not one that would ever be found in a sewing supply catalogue (but should… The Pressinatrix must inform her lesser self alter ego about this!) To what could your Pressinatrix be referring? Mes cheres, I […]

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A Lay-Person’s Guide to Gullaine-Barré and The Pressinatrix is Happier

I’ve had a bunch of folks ask me what happened in November. The short answer is that I contracted the Miller Fisher variant of Guillaine-Barré Syndrome. When I say that, almost everyone gives me a blank stare. It’s very rare, and the only time most people even hear of Guillaine-Barré is when they get a […]

Pressinatrix Tools

The Pressinatrix is Even More Unhappy

And now, dear readers, Your Pressinatrix is even more unhappy. Her Reliable IS300 Iron has decided it will no longer heat up. The Pressinatrix is not at all prone to ranting, but her experience with her Reliable iron has made her decide that in no way will she recommend one of these to any of […]


The Pressinatrix is NOT at all Happy

Dearest readers, it is I, your Pressinatrix. I have missed you dreadfully, but The Pressinatrix has been busy indoctrinating many lovely petites pressinitrices into the joys and satisfactions of properly pressed projects. But alas, The Pressinatrix has recently realized that one of her foremost tools is… Forgive me, this is so upsetting! One of her foremost […]

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La Pressinatrix est Desolé

Or is it desolée? Your Pressinatrix is so bereft, she cannot remember her proper French. Why, you may ask, is The Pressinatrix sad? Because my dear friends, Your Pressinatrix has lost the premier tool in her arsenal, her beloved Naomi the Naomoto. Please pardon The Pressinatrix whilst she stifles a sob and dabs delicately at […]

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The Pressinatrix Has A Useful Little Tool…

Hello my dears – have you missed Your Pressinatrix? She has missed you terribly. Fortunately, the world of sewing seems to be taking her advice (well, most of the world of sewing, but we shall not mention those others) to heart and pressing their projects to practical perfection, profoundly pleasing The Pressinatrix. As you have […]


The Pressinatrix Explains Etiquette for Trolls

My dearest Pressing Minions, have you missed your Pressinatrix? She has missed you all most dreadfully. As you may have heard, her lesser self alter ego recently was engaged to write an article for Threads Magazine on Pressing Tools, from the indispensable to the crave-worthy. Your Pressinatrix made sure that her lesser self alter ego […]


The Pressinatrix Feels Compelled

Yes, my dears, your Pressinatrix feels compelled. Compelled to speak. Compelled to shatter myths. Compelled to preach pressing truth. The Pressinatrix recently received an email from a lovely sewing friend. This friend, who is quite dear to The Pressinatrix, was appalled that a sewing expert declared that the validity of Pressing As One Sews is a […]


Speaking of The Pressinatrix..

This weekend, she had a sit-down to dish with Claire Kennedy, of the marvelous blog Sewing Artistry. If it’s not already on your blog feed or list, I heartily recommend it. Claire is a wonderful teacher, an excellent writer and a good friend. SewingArtistry Interview with The Pressinatrix Enjoy, and happy pressing!


The Pressinatrix Has Such Good Friends

Darlings, your Pressinatrix has had a bad week. She installed her new Reliable boiler iron at the office, and has been happily pressing away. But The Pressinatrix also sews at home, and therefore is in great need of her pressing equipment there as well. Alas, tragedy struck. You see, The Pressinatrix believes that her home […]