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The Pressinatrix is Even More Unhappy

And now, dear readers, Your Pressinatrix is even more unhappy. Her Reliable IS300 Iron has decided it will no longer heat up. The Pressinatrix is not at all prone to ranting, but her experience with her Reliable iron has made her decide that in no way will she recommend one of these to any of […]


Quick Tip – Iron Your Thread

Happy Valentine’s Day! My vintage Vogue Yves Saint Laurent coat is coming along nicely. I did the pockets today. They are welt pockets with flaps, which is always slightly nerve-wracking for me because at one point I’m essentially operating blind from the wrong side of the garment, so I spend hours (literally) measuring, marking, and […]

Reviews Websites

Website Review: Bias Bespoke

While working on the muslin for my Vogue 2275 Yves Saint Laurent coat, I decided that I wanted to use pagoda shoulder pads. “Pagoda Shoulder Pads?” you say? “What are those?” Excellent question. First, let’s talk pagoda shoulder. A pagoda shoulder, which is used pretty extensively in bespoke tailoring, but rarely seen in even high-end […]

Construction Couture Vogue

Slow Sewing, Couture Techniques and Big Progress

Happy weekend, peeps! I hope your February is going well. I haven’t completed any new projects, though I’ve been working hard on the next one: vintage Vogue 2275 Yves Saint Laurent coat. I don’t know when this pattern was published – it doesn’t say on the envelope, so I suspect it was around 1990 or […]

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Pattern Review: Style Arc Janet Dress

Hi Peeps! This has been a HUGE week (more on that later), and my sewing mojo is still going strong! As you may know, I started on my Style Arc Janet Dress, but hit a wall over the lining. So when I was in New York I went to Mood, where they had the perfect […]


The Pressinatrix is NOT at all Happy

Dearest readers, it is I, your Pressinatrix. I have missed you dreadfully, but The Pressinatrix has been busy indoctrinating many lovely petites pressinitricesĀ into the joys and satisfactions of properly pressed projects. But alas, The Pressinatrix has recently realized that one of her foremost tools is… Forgive me, this is so upsetting! One of her foremost […]

Couture Gorgeous Fabrics Paco Peralta Sewing Vogue Patterns

Another Paco Peralta V1527 Blouse and Giveaway Winner

Happy almost-end-of-January! I know my friends in Australia (hi Roz!) and New Zealand (hi Glenn and Maryanne!) are probably bemoaning the lessening of sunshine, but up here it’s really nice to look out the window at 5:00 PM and still have a little light. I’m getting better each day, still laboring under the handicap of […]

Fabrics StyleArc Travel Vogue Patterns

A Weekend Away and Fabric Shopping For Me!

Things keep progressing here at Miller-Fisher Central! I hope I’m not boring you with my health updates, but I’m so happy to get back to some of the little normal things. I’ve been feeling well enough that when Hilton Honors (NAYY) sent me an email saying they had suites at the Millennium Downtown for $129 […]

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Pattern Giveaway! Cashmerette’s Turner Dress

Greetings, fellow sewing enthusiasts! Tomorrow is supposed to be yet another 6-8 inches of snow here in the Boston area. Sigh. Then typical of a Boston winter, the temperature will rise to about 50Ā° F this weekend. We get winter weather whiplash around here, so we are used to it. The good news about snow […]

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Tip for Working with Tricky Knit Fabrics, and Simplicity 8265 Skirt

Hey there! Did I tell you I can’t drive? Double vision will do that. It is slowly getting better and I expect I’ll be back on the Boston roads terrorizing other drivers soon enough. But for now that leaves me in the house most days, which means I have time on my hands and no […]