The Pressinatrix is NOT at all Happy

Dearest readers, it is I, your Pressinatrix. I have missed you dreadfully, but The Pressinatrix has been busy indoctrinating many lovely petites pressinitrices into the joys and satisfactions of properly pressed projects.

But alas, The Pressinatrix has recently realized that one of her foremost tools is…

Forgive me, this is so upsetting!

One of her foremost tools is… a grand disappointment!

No, The Pressinatrix is not being funny, nor is she at all ironic, sarcastic, or snarky. She is merely… unhappy. And what makes your Pressinatrix so heavy-hearted? Something that seemed so promising, yet failed so dismally. And this is the tool The Pressinatrix needs most of all, and uses incessantly:


Yes, the Reliable i300 Boiler System. This was enthusiastically billed as a home version of the industrial stalwarts. The Pressinatrix heard from several well-respected sewing friends that this was da bomb. Alas, your Pressinatrix’ experience did, indeed, determine that it is a bomb, but it most certainly is not da bomb.

My dears, this iron started spitting from the moment it was turned on. Could it have been The Pressinatrix’ fault? Perhaps – the water in The Pressinatrix’ area is very hard, so The Pressinatrix used water filtered through resin beads that worked perfectly with The Pressinatrix’ gravity feed irons. But the Reliable iron spat like a cat with an overactive salivary gland. Recently it has developed a leak in its water-feed,

leaving a trail of drips in its wake

This should NOT happen in an iron that is only 4 years old

So, my dears, Your Pressinatrix cannot declare how disappointed she is in this iron. The Pressinatrix is often asked which iron she recommends. This will not be among them. The Pressinatrix will shortly be replacing this iron with a gravity feed.

The Pressinatrix is very sorry to have to bring bad news to her followers, but she does not wish them to spend exorbitant amounts of money on tools which do not last. But she does want them to carefully press their seams and remember that…

Pressing is sewing!

16 thoughts on “The Pressinatrix is NOT at all Happy”

  1. Tina Colombo says:

    Is this a new i300 system? If so, I’d return it and ask for another one. Looks like you may have gotten a lemon. I’ve used Reliable steam generator irons for years, with regular old tap water, and not had this problem. Please don’t give up on it without trying a replacement one.

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      It’s only 4 years old, Tina.

  2. I have both the i300 and i500 boiler irons. The problem in the video can easily be fixed. Remove the hose and clamp. Cut off 1/2 inch of the hose and reclamp with a new spring clamp (they cost about a quarter). Talk to Luigi at Reliable for any other problems. They have great customer service.

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Thanks Beki, I’ll try that. I’m still mightily unhappy that a $500 iron has this kind of leakage problem early in its career. My naomoto was over 20 when she died, and I had my gravity feed for well over a decade before the electronics went.

      1. I hear ya! I always had trouble with gravity feed irons. I do like the boiler systems better because the water isn’t heated in the iron. Also, I like the i500 over the i300 because the iron plugs in. So if either the tank or iron fails you can just replace that part. One more thought, I have to clean my water tank about every 3 weeks. I think that is more often then recommended.

  3. suzanne says:

    Long live the Pressinatrix! Oh, how I have missed her…

  4. sewsy says:

    @Becki and Tina. I’m glad to see the suggestions as to how to repair the unit. Sometimes objects or their inner workings just give out, even though they’re not supposed to. Ann, I hope you are able to put the iron to rights, and with little cost. I have a Reliable iron, not the one pictured above, and haven’t taken it out yet. Hopefully, when I do need to use it, it will be “reliable” for more than four years. 😉

  5. Allyn says:

    Thanks for taking one for the team with this iron. Several times, I’ve considered splurging on a high-end iron but have resisted. I keep buying old/used irons at yard sales and thrift shops, and they do the trick for me.

  6. ritas says:

    Pressing isn’t just sewing. It’s sewing perfection.

    BTW, I bought a (not nearly as nice) tanked iron last year. Hubby laughed at me spending so much $$$. Then he tried it. DH will not use the old cheap iron. He is a pressing prodigy. And, since he likes using the “power” iron, he does his own shirts now : )

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      AWESOME!!! The Pressinatrix is pleased that your DH is a pressing prodigy 🙂

  7. Mary Roberts says:

    I have a Laura Star iron which is divine but will throw spitting fits if one uses tap water in her. I hope you are able to resolve this as there is nothing worse than having a recalcitrant iron.

  8. I am so sorry about your iron. I LOVE my I300 and vacuum board. I’ve had it for about 15 years. Even ironing is not so bad with the I300. I agree with the suggestion to talk to Luigi if trimming the hose and replacing the clamp does not work. About 6 years ago, my boiler went on the fritz and I sent it to be repaired. Luigi did a wonderful job. I purchased a Rowenta to use in the meantime and could not wait for my iron to get back from the iron hospital.

  9. Nancy Connor says:

    Hello Ann,
    I just found something that you had written about years and years ago: a press buck/bok…the info is current and the products speak to pressing seamstresses like us…interested?
    I don’t know how else to get in touch with you…I do hope you get this message!
    Nancy Connor
    Louisville KY

  10. JustGail says:

    Sorry you’re having iron issues, especially on something that expensive. Something way back in the dark recesses of my memory is niggling, saying that someone found the spitting was due to steam condensing in the hose. They found if they set the generator down low so there were fewer low spots for water to gather, the spitting issue was resolved. Or greatly reduced. I fear I’m about due for a new iron, and am looking forward to what you get next.

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Thanks Gail, I’ll try that, too! But still, it shouldn’t happen to an iron that is 4 years old and is marketed as professional-like. It should be more robust.

  11. Jana Duplantis says:

    Admittedly I have not tried a boiler iron but looked at them 8 yrs ago when I started my alterations business. They were so expensive I decided to try a $100 gravity fed iron from WAWAK. It still works perfectly – despite the fact I use tap water and leave the valve open all the time!

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