A Weekend Away and Fabric Shopping For Me!

Things keep progressing here at Miller-Fisher Central! I hope I’m not boring you with my health updates, but I’m so happy to get back to some of the little normal things. I’ve been feeling well enough that when Hilton Honors (NAYY) sent me an email saying they had suites at the Millennium Downtown for $129 I said, “Go for it.” And this weekend that’s what I did, with DH, and DS the Younger! We drove to New York, and the boys dropped me off at 42nd and 9th, and I walked (in slight heels!!!!) to meet Gertie and Rosie (she doesn’t blog,  but she is so fabulous) and go fabric and notion shopping.

We met at M&J Trims. Gertie found some fabulous trims for an outfit she’s working on. I was in the market for buttons for the fabric I bought at Janssens et Janssens on My Trip to Paris. I found them at Botani on 36th Street. We also went to Mood Fabrics. Okay, I have to admit, I am a little jaded on Mood from my days as a fabric vendor. But I went in as a consumer and you know what? The store (not the website) is AMAZING, and the staff is even better. I bought a beautiful royal blue Jason Wu wool and a fantastic stretch lining for the Style Arc Janet dress. In fact, I bought a whole lot of that stretch lining, to stash.

Yeah, I got the bag. Why not? 😆

The staff were all really wonderful. They had no idea who I am, and frankly I didn’t expect them to. Besides, why would they care? They’re Mood, for goodness sakes. They are the New England Patriots (GO PATS!) of fabric stores. But all of the staff there are lovely.

I’m going to make an Yves Saint Laurent Vogue Patterns coat from the blue. But first I’ll finish my Paco Peralta V1257 blouse and my Style Arc Janet Dress. I’m so psyched to be back to sewing, can you tell?

Don’t forget to enter your comment on the Cashmerette Turner Pattern Giveaway. I’ll draw the winner tomorrow sometime in the afternoon, so you still have time.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Connie Turner says:

    It is wonderful that you are recovering and enjoying things again.

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