One Thing Leads to Another

Snow Day!

In case you haven’t heard, and I don’t think anyone in the US or Western Europe hasn’t heard, much of the East Coast of the US has been blanketed with stormy weather. Here in New England we have borne the brunt of the storm’s fury. I’m sure my Southern friends would disagree, but this storm actually had people hunkered down here in Massachusetts, where our usual reaction to snowstorms is:

The snow had just started when I poured coffee at about 8 this morning. Here are a few pictures as the storm progressed.

By 10:30 we had several inches.
By noon-ish we had several more inches.

In our house, snowstorms are harbingers of two things: a cozy fire and me baking bread.

Mmmmmm, nice and warm!
The bread dough before the first rising

The great news? I’m able to bake bread, and kneading by hand is actually really good exercise, both for upper body workout and for balance!

In Sewing News

Last night, in preparation for the snowstorm, I asked DH to take me to the local JoAnn so I could buy thread for my new Juki MCS-1500 that he gave me for Christmas (LOVE that man!). Today, I wanted to set it up and hem my Simplicity duster. But when I walked into my sewing room while the bread was rising, it was a huge needle scratch moment.

Since October, my sewing room has been a mess. Actually, to be truthful, it’s been way longer than that. DS the Elder had moved home while he looked for a job, which meant that I had to take all the fabrics and interfacings that I had stored in his bureau and put them in bins under my cutting table. On top of that, I moved a bunch of things that I had stored at the office, since I used to have both an office and a studio, and I plopped them on whatever horizontal surface was available. And on top of that, I had to rush out a bunch of garments for my Craftsy class, so I had cut and sewn things, and left the cleanup for when I got back. But then I went to Paris. And I closed Gorgeous Fabrics. Then I got sick.

So my sewing room looked like a bomb went off in it. It’s a tiny room to begin with, and if I let it go, it goes – really fast.

I did not take any before pictures because I don’t want you to know what a slob I am. Because I’m not, really. Mostly. Sometimes.

But today, I must be feeling better, because I started cleaning. I moved all the fabrics and interfacings out from under the cutting table and back into drawers in the now-spare bedroom. I had boxes of notions that I put into cabinets where they are easily searchable, and I gathered lots of scraps and headers from Gorgeous Fabrics to donate to the textile recycling program at my local high school. It took several hours (fortunately the bread required 3 risings). I’m not done yet – I need to tackle my sewing table, but it’s probably 2/3 complete, and I can now walk into my sewing room without feeling totally stressed out!

OMG, I can see the floor!
I still have work to do, but it’s a start!

I’m pretty exhausted now – I can tell you, you don’t realize how much you use your core muscles for just moving around and picking things up and putting them down. The great news is that this was probably the longest period of physical activity I’ve had since I got sick, and I did it! I could use a serious epsom salt soak right now, but I did it!

But you know what was the best thing that happened today? I got a call from my old friend, Ryan, the Associate Director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and my old choir director. It was so wonderful to talk to him!!! He doesn’t get on Facebook very often, but he was today, and he saw my posts about my adventures with Miller-Fisher. We spent an hour just catching up, and he’s convinced me to start singing again. And I promised that next year, we’d come out to Salt Lake City to visit and go skiing. While I never wish to have bad things happen to anyone, it’s lovely to realize how many people you love are there for you.

So tomorrow I don’t have anything planned other than to hem my Simplicity duster with my new coverstitch. It’s supposed to be c-c-cold around here, so if you are in the path of the frigid temps, please be safe and warm.

Parting Shot: Hoover loves to just go out and lie in the snow!

He also loves coming in and getting toweled off.

Happy sewing!

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11 thoughts on “One Thing Leads to Another”

  1. Glad you are feeling better! Take good care. I will miss your shop. I bought so many lovely fabrics from you. All stashed in anticipation of the great coming fabric shortage. Much love to you Ann.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Your sewing room looks about the same size as mine – while I am beyond thankful to have a dedicated area for sewing, it does get trashed quite easily if I don’t stay on top of things.

  3. Wow, you are on a roll! Bread making and cleaning your sewing room. You should feel proud, more power to you. Love all the photos, thanks for sharing. Can’t imagine living in that kind of cold. I feel like it’s too warm here in Southern California so much of the year and kind of wish for more “real” seasons but we are very lucky. It’s been 70 in the daytime. My husband just got back from Virginia visiting his daughter and granddaughter and he about froze, it was 8 degrees the morning he flew home, happy man getting home👏. Thanks for sharing with us! Take care of yourself and keep feeling better❣️

  4. Horray! You made all kinds of progress yesterday, and still had the energy to post of your adventures.
    My sing room is in serious disarray, and it does inhibit me from even stepping in. Perhaps this weekend I shall follow your lead.

  5. Stay warm and safe! As someone who grew up in northern climes, I get the memes about northerners. But I live in Florida now and adapted pretty quickly to less clothing and bare feet.

    We’ve been cold (for Florida – I may lose my citrus and avocado trees, and can seen my butterfly garden is a disaster).

    Anyway, it’s cold, but only just below freezing… and they closed the public schools for two days for fear of… black ice. Yes, they did. Everyone is up in arms about it (especially since it didn’t happen). Papers even ran editorials against the superindent’s “baffling” decision making.

    Just thought you would find that amusing, being a Bostonian! Meanwhile, my kid has lost 10 days to Irma, and now 2 to mythical black ice.

  6. I’m always amazed how much energy it takes to clean up the sewing room. That’s probably why I usually do a half-*ssed job of it – too many breaks and “I’ll do that part next time”s (which often don’t come for weeks). I’m glad you got most of it accomplished in one shot after your recent health woes. I am at the end of 2 weeks off work, and made no sewing plans. I knew sorting Dad’s paperwork would take more time, thought, & energy than I thought it should. I’m looking forward to your report on the new machine!

  7. Congrats on all the physical activity but let me shake a finger at you in loving admonition and say “don’t overdo!” Pushing yourself is good and only you know your limits. Be sure and listen to your body if it’s putting up a slow down sign.

    Ditto to Denise above in missing your shop. It was the first online store I ever patronized. Still have a number of your lovely fabrics in my stash.

  8. Yes, I totally understand what you mean about the mess in your sewing room stressing you out. I get really anxious and lose any creative urge if my area is too out of order. Bravo for getting your strength and energy back!

    1. This will surely make you feel better about yourself. I had to clean my sewing room yesterday because I have two old and feeble cats and someone left the door open a few days ago. Puddles everywhere. Including works in progress. And, for some reason, pincushions. Did you know that some pins will rust? If I’ve made you laugh, my job here is done.

  9. Yay for you! I’m also in the midst of clean-out in my sewing room, and trust me, there will also be no Before pics. Definitely bring back singing in your life–it’s good for the body and spirit. Continued healing and good thoughts….

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