All Good Things…

Well folks, to quote the late, great, lamented David Bowie:

(Turn and face the strange)
Don’t want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strange)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

For the last eleven years, Gorgeous Fabrics has been my life, my passion project and the support on which I leaned when I needed it (see “Cancer, Chemo and What I Wore”)

Alas, like all good things, it’s time to bring Gorgeous Fabrics to its timely end.

The reasons are my own. There is nothing bad; there is no horrible thing that is forcing me to close. It’s all good. I’m taking what I have done for the past eleven years and moving on to the next phase. I’m not going away, and in fact I’ll probably be doing more sewing, teaching, and traveling – it’s so exciting!

But where does that leave you, my beloved customers? Hopefully in a good place. And starting now, you can take advantage of our inventory blowout sale. We’re selling inventory at 35% off our regular great – nay, amazing – prices. Use the coupon code FW35 at checkout and we’ll deduct 35% off orders over $50 before shipping.

Don’t wait – the best fabrics (let’s just say cashmere double cloth coating from Italy, shall we?) will sell out fastest so if you wait, you’ll miss out..

Have I said yet how much I appreciated your support, business and love over the last 11 years? Of course not – I’m Boston Irish. We don’t say that kind of stuff. We pretend we’re strong and don’t need anyone. But I think it every day, and I love and appreciate every one of you. I’ll miss you, but I am SO excited for the next phase!

With much love and gratitude, and happy sewing…