Cool Tool – Clover Fork Pins

Here’s a clever tool to add to your arsenal. These Fork Pins from Clover are so useful for keeping seams from slipping, which is especially important when you want to match patterns across seams. They are pricey, but you only need one box, and they save you much work and heartache, so IMO they are totally worth it!

Happy sewing!

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7 thoughts on “Cool Tool – Clover Fork Pins”

      1. You can see a schematic of how they work in the picture of the packaging. I inserted them perpendicular to the seamline and left them in place as I (carefully and slowly) sewed over them. If you have a really squirrely fabric, I recommend both using them and hand-basting close to the seamline. I didn’t need to do that with this fabric – the fork pins did the trick, but I have done both in situations where two seams met and where the fabric was really, really slippery or open-weaved.

  1. Susan Khalje recommends these in her Craftsy course “The Couture Dress” – I have found them to be super helpful with matching across seams. Thank you for reminding me of their usefulness!

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