Not Much Sewing Going On Around Here

Man, the winter doldrums have hit hard! Since I got back I have made a total of two things. I copied a Calvin Klein dress for my friend Renee. That dress is one of her favorites, and she asked if I could make her one from (sold out, sorry) Big Bold Chevrons ITY Jersey. It’s a perfect colorway for her, and she loved the bright and graphic print.

On the left, the original CK dress. On the right, the copy made by tracing off a pattern.

I simply traced her dress to create the pattern. The design couldn’t be simpler – it’s a close fitting tank top maxi dress with a flared hemline – more flared than any of the patterns I have without being overwhelming. It’s kind of nice because it gives a lot of freedom of movement to the legs. The pattern is two pieces, and I bound the neckline and armholes with Beyond Basic Black ITY Jersey. The order of construction was:

  1. Stabilize the shoulders with scraps of fusible interfacing.
  2. Stitch the shoulder seams.
  3. Stitch the side seams.
  4. Apply binding to neckline and armholes.
  5. Hem

Ta daa! A dress that took less than 3 hours from starting to trace the pattern to finished garment. I shipped it off to her last week so hopefully she’ll have it soon.

I had enough fabric left over that I decided to make myself a top. This time I did another StyleArc Cold Shoulder Top. Everything is the same as the Last Time I Made This Pattern. I did make sure to carefully place the pattern on the chevrons, to avoid any arrows pointing to the wrong place. Here’s a front/back shot on Shelley

This is one that DEFINITELY looks better on a real person than on Shelley

I haven’t decided what I want to work on next. I need some more knit tops, but I’ll make those from┬ámy go-to long sleeve tee, the Ann Tee Top from StyleArc. That’s not really worth a blog post. I also am inspired by Tany’s version of Paco Peralta’s Vogue 1527 Blouse, so I may start making a muslin of that.

So that’s what’s new here. What have you all been sewing?

2 thoughts on “Not Much Sewing Going On Around Here”

  1. JustGail says:

    Another Vogue 9057 top, with neckline raised on back and sides, and a quilt top for Quilts of Valor (love my new design wall!) is all I finished. A McCall 5978 cardigan needs buttons and buttonholes, and some quilt blocks I’ve had finished for ?? years are marinating on the design wall.

    How is the new location? Bigger? Closer to home? Other things that make it nicer to work at like lighting or layout?

  2. ritas says:

    I totally understand the doldrums.

    I finally broke down and made pants. I know, what was I thinking? The first muslin was from Style Arc. I was planning to use a lovely tan silk from Gorgeous Fabrics. However, the design was clearly made for ladies with …ahem… a flatter derriere than me. So, rather than fuss around, I went to …

    Sewaholic Thurlow. I made a size smaller than I measured since all the blogs insisted that you needed to downsize. Well, they are WRONG. It fits just fine – so my pants were a bit tight. I made it with a plum colored stretch wool, so it was a bit forgiving in the fit. I’ve let out the hems a bit around the crotch curve, and am planning on letting out the side seam. However, the overall initial fit around the tush is very nice. Smile (literally).

    I will transfer the crotch curve once I’m done with the Thurlow onto the Style Arc. However, it won’t be for a little while. I promised to sew my niece’s holy communion outfit. She wants… yes you guessed it… pants!

    Welcome to the new age of sewing.

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