La Pressinatrix est Desolé

Or is it desolée? Your Pressinatrix is so bereft, she cannot remember her proper French. Why, you may ask, is The Pressinatrix sad? Because my dear friends, Your Pressinatrix has lost the premier tool in her arsenal, her beloved Naomi the Naomoto.

Fare thee well, Naomi, you have served The Pressinatrix in exemplary fashion.

Fare thee well, Naomi, you have served The Pressinatrix in exemplary fashion.

Please pardon The Pressinatrix whilst she stifles a sob and dabs delicately at her eyes. The trouble started earlier this month when The Pressinatrix noticed that Naomi was leaking when powered off. Then two nights ago, when The Pressinatrix was perfectly pressing the seams on her new StyleArc blouse, Naomi stopped emitting steam. This was heartbreaking, and The Pressinatrix was thrown into paroxysms of grief and despair.

But the Pressinatrix is made of sturdy stuff, and following the 5 stages of grief, she ultimately picked herself up, dusted herself off, made sure her clothes were properly pressed and…

Hello, gorgeous. Come to mama.

Hello, gorgeous. Come to mama.

Stole the Reliable Steam Generator Iron from her lesser self’s alter ego’s office. She’s not using it there much anymore, anyway, since she sold her industrial sewing machines and stopped sewing at the office after hours. And The Pressinatrix’ needs outweigh any of those of her lesser self alter ego.

So now The Pressinatrix is able to resume her quest for perfectly pressed seams. On a positive note, The Pressinatrix remembered a trick learned on line (she believes it was from Kenneth King, the marvelous sewing teacher), and left the 5-liter water reservoir in place so she can easily refill the Reliable with filtered water.

Farewell, Naomi. You were a wonderful iron, and you helped bring joy to The Pressinatrix and her legions of followers. You shall be missed.

8 thoughts on “La Pressinatrix est Desolé”

  1. Linda J Evans says:

    ?Farewell Naomi, welcome…..Reggie

  2. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

    “Reggie” – perfect! Thank you for christening the Reliable, Linda!
    The Pressinatrix

  3. raquel from JC says:

    Bon voyage Naomi!

  4. SJ Kurtz says:

    We at ErnieK Laboratories extend our deep regards for Naomi and you in this time of mourning. When a comrade falls, we take note.

    (Isn’t that “Reginald”? Or this one more like the guy from Archie Comics? You can’t trust that guy. )

  5. ritas says:

    For those jealous of the handsome good looks of Reggie, but cannot afford his italian ways, there is a lovely steam iron by Rowenta. Made in Germany, my little Gerta has been working hard to push out every wrinkle that I can provide her.

  6. Ann says:

    I am very sorry for your loss. Moreover, I found your post so exceedingly amusing, that I wish we lived near each other, and could be girlfriends.

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Ann, if you ever find yourself in the Northeast corner of the US, The Pressinatrix would be delighted to find herself in your company!

  7. Monica says:

    I have a inexpensive older steam iron and it died. An appliance repair place in my city put on a new iron cord (the one that goes from the steam generator to the iron) and a new part on the inside (rubber thingy) and it works again – and it has been at least 2 years since the repair. It did take 2 repairs. It may be worth it to see how much it would be to have the iron refurbished, should it be possible.

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