Felicidades, Paco!!!!

My dear friend, Paco Peralta, couturier extraordinaire of Barcelona, was just published for the first time this week in the Winter/Holiday edition of Vogue Patterns. ¡YAY Paco! ¡Congratulations and felicidades!

Paco and I were internet friends for years, but I had the delightful opportunity to meet him and spend an afternoon with him, his sister, and our friend Vera when DH and I visited Barcelona a couple of years back. He is an absolute love, and his sister, Isabel, is just as wonderful. We had the greatest time, and I can’t wait to go back and see him again. Next time I’ll brush up on my Spanish!

I have to find the pictures with Isabel and Vera. Stupid Apple Photos lost them when it switched from iPhoto

I have to find the pictures with Isabel and Vera. Stupid Apple Photos lost them.

I just love His Signature Pattern Line – I’ve made several of them. His Cassock Coat is my go-to coat. And he now has two patterns that you can buy through his licensing agreement with Vogue Patterns. Both are GORGEOUS, though my absolute favorite is V1527. It’s a long tuxedo jacket, paired with a tie blouse and a midi skirt.

I’ll probably skip the skirt – I’m not that much of a skirt gal – and pair the blouse and coat with cigarette pants which I think will be fabulous. I am DEFINITELY making that coat. Wool crepe for the body paired with wool satin for the collar. Oh yeah.

The second pattern is a short sleeved jacket, blouse and pants outfit. I love the blouse and pants. Not sure about the jacket for me, yet. I’ll wait until it arrives to decide. I do love the seamline buttonholes.

So congratulations Paco!!! I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Vogue Patterns. And speaking of which, thank you Vogue Patterns and the McCall Pattern Company for enlisting new, exciting, and talented designers. I wish all of you well, and I look forward to sewing your patterns!

Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Felicidades, Paco!!!!”

  1. I purchased both patterns as soon has I received his facepost post. Paco is a dear, and a delightful internet friend. I hope to take up his invitation to visit some day.
    Lower back/spinal problems –soon to be rectified– have kept me from sewing beyond basics the last couple of years, but I still have a collection of Pacos patterns and consider them precious.

  2. Kansas Sky says:

    About blog photos—- we much prefer that you enjoy blogging and would rather go without pictures than lose your wise perspective. Your selfies are just fine! Thanks again. Sewing Faille’s comments sure did open my eyes about this. PS: those pants are great.

  3. suzanne says:

    I’ve been thinking about these two patterns since the release. I love them both…. but as much as I love that coat, I think our winter is too short for the effort/investment! The one with the red coat will likely be first – I can totally see it in a university classroom in the southeast (the other is a bit formal for Florida, but could work at conferences, I suppose).

    Oh, and I’m working with one of your silk crepes right now… (sold out sueded black, heavier than CDC)… totally loving it… wouldn’t mind more of that in other colors!

  4. Kristie says:

    I love Paco’s designs! His tie blouse is a “Must Have” for the upcoming fall season. Thank you for sharing the person beyond the pattern!

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