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I’m working on a jacket today, Simplicity 1325.  Yesterday I was planning to make some knit tops that would transition from summer to fall, but I first decided to clean my sewing room at home. Seriously, it had been over a year since I have been able to see the entire surface of my sewing machine table. And don’t ask me about the piles of interfacing lying on my little cubby cabinet. The room had become overwhelming to me, and I couldn’t function in there, so clean clean clean it was!

How nice to not have to move things around just to sew a seam!
How nice to not have to move things around just to sew a seam!

In the process of cleaning, I came across the aforementioned Simplicity pattern. It’s got a rather cute Breton-inspired top, which is probably what induced me to buy it. And I thought about making that top with my knits. But then the jacket caught my eye.

This has possibilities
This has possibilities

Change of plans. The knit tops can wait. They are somewhat sweatery, and it’s hot. And on top of that, while cleaning my sewing room, I came across a remnant of a fabric that (sorry) sold out on Gorgeous Fabrics a few months ago. Eureka! One happy coincidence and I’m on my way.

As I was making a muslin, then cutting into my fashion fabric, I realized that of all the types of garments I make, jackets and coats are, by far, my favorite. If you look back through my blog, you’ll see that I make lots of jackets, and I make a new coat about every two years on average. For me, they are the most rewarding. I don’t know why. There’s something about the tailoring of a really good coat, the setting of a sleeve, the pressing and everything else that goes into making a well-sewn jacket or coat that gives me immense satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong; I love sewing other things, too. But coats and jackets are really the backbone of my wardrobe, and they give me the most pleasure.

So how about you? What is or are your favorite garment types to sew?


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  1. ALL the flat surfaces in my sewing room are covered. I need to clean it, but as soon as I start something it happens again.
    Do you have a recommendation for a good book or video that covers how to make a coat? It sounds like quite a task, but I’d like to start learning.

    1. Becky, the seminal book for me was Threads’ Great Sewn Clothes, if I recall correctly. I’ve seen it on eBay and other sites.

  2. Let’s have a contest. My room is worse than your room could ever have imagined being. There are even cobwebs up high in one corner; one spool of thread I unearthed is labeled J&P Coats Size 40 Mercerized, 45 cents. Another spool is wooden, Belding Corticelli, Fast to Boiling, 30 cents. My favorite thing to sew: anything that I can work on in the 12 square inches of usable space I have left myself….IOW, toddler clothes.

    Yes, I’m ashamed.

    1. My husband made the table many years ago from two oak kitchen drawer cabinets and a piece of formica countertop with a bull-nose front. He cut an opening and built a shelf for my machine so it sits flush with the table. All the pieces-parts came from Home Depot.

  3. Thank you. I am getting ready to either redo my current sewing room or we may downsize and move to a condo. Either way I need to reconfigure my sewing room. That is a very good idea and certainly less costly than custom cabinets.

    1. I too am in the process of building sewing tables for my serger and other uses. We also used Home Depot cabinets (get the bathroom height ones rather than kitchen height, which are too tall for easy sewing), but instead of formica tops, we used doors. They cost about 1/3 of the price of formica, and come in lots of widths–check it out!

  4. A fresh work space – – invigorating!

    My favorites? I think it starts with the fabric. I LOVE working with wool, which means anything tailored, but especially coats and skirts. But wool (unless I can find tropical weights) has a very short season here, so linen is my next new favorite fabric. I’m drawn to tailored dresses.

  5. Me, too, me too! Coats and jackets are my FAVORITE things to make and to wear! Luckily my climate is very conducive to coats and jackets.

  6. I’m like you, I like jackets and coats the best, maybe because people are always so astonished that it’s possible to make a raincoat or a winter coat!

    Looking forward to making a new trench with the Gorgeous Fabric and lining that arrived yesterday. 🙂

  7. I love tailoring jackets & coats but lately I have started on stretch knits .I like the quickness however I still like no love the intricacy of tailoring & ending up with a classy garment.I have just reorganised my fabrics in my stash …..it’s not a stash I could stock a whole shop …..oh well I have some beautiful fabrics to create into wonderful things

  8. I like to make dresses for my granddaughters and tops for myself. My sewing room is in a 100 year old house and is also used for a music room and art storage room. I hate not having closets as it is a juggle to store things.

  9. I really love using fabulous fabric to make skirts. A skirt can be very simple like a seersucker, casual, elastic waistline tiered style or quite adventurous like boulce, fringed hem, seriously straight style! Love the room!

  10. I love toppers (coats, jackets, cardigans) and pants. I love sewing pants. I adore sewing pants!!!! Which includes sewing jeans but I don’t wear jeans very often.

    EVERY time I do a major sewing room cleaning I then go completely mad and want to sew ALL.THE.THINGS.! 🙂

  11. Not a garment maker personally, but enjoy sewing vicariously through you. I’m a window treatment maker. Tell me about the pouch under your serger, collects scraps?

  12. The dress pattern that I have perfected for my figure, fully underlined in handkerchief linen, for work. With a jacket or nice sweater, it is my work uniform, but thanks to the linen underlining (using Susan Khalje’s couture techniques), they’re as comfy as my linen pyjamas.

  13. I’ve made dresses, shirts, jackets, bras, underwear and PJs – but somehow I’ve been terrified of making a coat. I’ve bought the stuff, had it sit on my sewing table, and… collect dust. You’d think that if I can make a jacket, then a coat should be no big deal. It’s just that I feel like there are so many moving parts – sleeve heads, interfacing (with all the different weights), interlining, lining, zip out lining. I just feel overwhelmed.
    Any words of advice for the timid?

    1. Funny, so many moving parts is how I feel about bras! For me, coats are easy by comparison. I’d start with one that doesn’t require a lot of tailoring, like V8933 or NL6416.

  14. Same as you, Ann, jackets and coats. During summer months I tend to stray a bit but as soon as I can smell a hint of Autumn, jackets and coats are back in!

  15. I like it all, but I’m finding that whenever I make a shirt, I really enjoy it. So, I’d say that shirts are my favorite thing to sew. Don’t know why, really. 🙂

  16. Nice question. I love to sew dresses, jackets, tops and shirts. I agree that the fabric has a lot to do with it too. Cotton, wool, silk, brocade are my favorites.

    I don´t like to sew pants but as they are necessary in the colder days and I don´t easily fit in the RTW, I do sew them dutifully. Lately I made four.

  17. Coats are one of my favorite makes. They are satisfying and rewarding and useful! I made a leather motorcycle jacket that I’ve probably worn more than anything else in my wardrobe.

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