The Pressinatrix Has A Useful Little Tool…

Hello my dears – have you missed Your Pressinatrix? She has missed you terribly. Fortunately, the world of sewing seems to be taking her advice (well, most of the world of sewing, but we shall not mention those others) to heart and pressing their projects to practical perfection, profoundly pleasing The Pressinatrix.

As you have seen in Prior Posts on The Pressinatrix’s Arsenal of Tools, The Pressinatrix is well stocked to tackle almost any pressing need, but there are a few that she unearths in her travels, and thus The Pressinatrix would like to introduce to you a small, but immensely useful tool that is the most recent addition to her kit:

The Clover 7807 Hold It Precision Stiletto

(NB: the link will take you to Amazon, but fear not, The Pressinatrix receives no compensation for said link, so go right ahead and click with impunity.) 

Clover Finger

Roughly 9 inches long, so your fingers stay well out of harm’s way.

This little tool can save your finger tips and manicure in tight spaces. It has a bent pointed end that is useful for turning points and curved seams à la collar stands, but the true prize of this digit-defending device is the eraser-shaped silicone finger at the other end. It holds tiny areas (like a sleeve placket, say) in place and allows you to precisely press with no worry of burning your fingers. How wonderful!

Tight spot? No problem!

Tight spot? No problem!

At roughly $10, it is a touch on the pricy side, but in The Pressinatrix’ opinion, it is well worth the cost, for reducing stress when pressing, and for preserving one’s tender skin. And with personal risk mitigated, The Pressinatrix believes that her minions darling followers will be more likely to press properly, and that makes it all worth while.

Happy pressing!

9 thoughts on “The Pressinatrix Has A Useful Little Tool…”

  1. BaMa says:

    I just got one of these and really like it, especially for doll clothes. I prefer this over the silicone fingertip guards, as it is much easier to see what I am pressing. I definitely second your recommendation! 🙂

  2. Tina Spear says:

    Love it! Am ordering it promptly!
    I will be going to NY city and shopping the garment district. Any suggestions as to where I should go? I can’t wait. We will also be going to Boston. Any suggestions there as well?

    1. Kathryn says:

      You will love the garment district! Larger stores take cards but the small places sometimes only deal in cash so take some along!

  3. Judy says:

    Thank you – what a great idea! In a sewing room overrun by sewing gadgets, I’ve come up with a make-do device that won’t turn collar points but does keep my fingers out of harm’s way: it’s a narrow, silicon sandwich spreader/spatula. The tip of it may be too wide (1″) for very fine work or miniscule areas but, stood on edge, it works well for hems, facings and those fiddly bits that just won’t lie down without assistance.

  4. theresa says:

    Having just scorched my fingers pressing up a narrow hem, this is great. Thanks for the tip. Theresa in Tucson, where currently, it’s scorching hot, 115F today.

  5. Mary says:

    Dang, why didn’t I think of that! What a cool tool. Thanks for sharing!!! Off to Amazon….

  6. JS says:

    I own the Clover Iron Finger. It’s a little unwieldy as a stiletto. I use the wide end to open and finger press seams and the body as a seam stick.

  7. Considering how often I burn my fingers (I’m clumsy…), I don’t think 10$ is a lot. I will order it right away, thank you!!

  8. Kathi Sorensen says:

    I use a discarded chop stick which I whittled down in a pencil sharpener. It works very well- maybe it’s time for a change!

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