Pattern Review: Vogue 7488 Men’s Vest

Friday is DS the Younger’s senior prom. His date is wearing a red dress, and since I am a fabulous mom, I told him I would make him a vest to wear.

Pattern Description: Lined vest has low armholes, shaped hemline and back belt. A: Notched collar and welt pockets. B: Double-breasted and welt pockets. C: Angled shawl collar and mock-welt pockets.

Sizing: Men’s XS to XL. I made a medium at the shoulders, tapering to a small at the waist.

Available as a PDF? No

Fabric Used: Greek Key Silk Blend Brocade in Bright Red from Gorgeous Fabrics (of course!)for the main fabric, red silk habotai (sold out, sorry, but you can find Other Colors Here) for the lining

Machines and Tools Used: Pfaff 2130 sewing machine, Naomi the Naomoto, ham, sleeve board, point presser, clapper.

Needle/Notions Used: Universal 70/10 needle, Pro-Weft Interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply, D-ring from my stash, buttons from my stash (from the long-ago days of Fabric Fix in NH, sigh), thread.

Tips Used during Construction: Anything by The Pressinatrix, Make the Lining First.

Did it look like the photo or drawing when you got through? Well, not exactly. For one thing, the line drawing omits the stitching lines on the collar/lapel joint.

Also, the line drawing and photos indicate that there is a pronounced notch. But if you look at the pattern piece, the lapel is definitely curved.

There’s no stitching line indicated, so like a good little sewing automaton I followed the lines and notches. Also, from the pictures and line drawing, it looks like I sewed the lapel incorrectly to the collar, but again, I followed the notches and instructions, and this is what I got.

There is a distinct possibility of operator error on my part, since I was doing this after work and I’ve been running on fumes all this week. The good news is that he loves it as-is, so I’m not going to squawk.

How were the instructions? Um, okaaaaay… see my comments above.

Construction Notes: I sized the vest based on his measurements. One thing I didn’t realize in advance was that this pattern runs very long in the torso. I found that out after it was complete. I ended up taking up about an inch at the shoulders, so if you make this pattern, you’ll want to measure the front against the wearer beforehand to see if you have the same issue.

This pattern goes together quite easily. I debated about interfacing the entire front, since this fabric has a fair amount of body to begin with, but I decided to use Pam’s lightweight interfacing and it adds just the right amount of stiffness.

Likes/Dislikes: He loves it, so I’m happy!

Would you do it again? Would you recommend it? I might do it again. Then again I don’t get too much call for vests.

Conclusion: He’s thrilled so I’m happy. Here are pictures on Shelley. I’ll get pictures on him tomorrow night.




And the welt pocket

Happy sewing!

6 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Vogue 7488 Men’s Vest”

  1. Alex in California says:

    I like the lapel. You’ve invented a sort of peak and shawl lapel combo. The buttons make me think of onyx tuxedo studs. Did you make a red bow tie or did your son go classic black tie? The last vest I made for myself was a halter style in light weight black wool. It looks like a standard vest under my suit jackets. My version of trompe loie. No offense to “Shelly” but I’ll be checking in to see it on your son.

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      He’s going to wear a skinny black satin tie with it, Alex. He’s all excited. I can’t wait to see it on him too! Last year I made him a halter vest for Junior Prom. That looked great on him, but he really liked the idea of a vest with a back this time. πŸ™‚

  2. John Yingling says:

    Might have looked better as a classic shawl collar given that it is a double breasted vest.

  3. JustGail says:

    Nice work on the vest!

    Regarding the “don’t get too much call for sewing vests” – someday when the DSs are getting married, and if they want something other than standard issue vests that come with the tux or suit for the whole wedding party, would you sew them, or hand them a business card to a local tailor?

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Thanks Gail! For their weddings, or other special occasions, I’m happy to sew them vests. They just don’t have need of them too often. Yet. πŸ™‚

      Here’s a funny story: when DH hit a significant birthday, I threw a big party for him. This was back in the days when I was a sales director in tech. I hired a caterer, and the theme was “Caribbean Casual”, so folks came in Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, flip-flops and the like. For the catering staff, I made bow ties from really bright cotton tropical floral print. They LOVED them, and they were all so happy when I told them that they could keep them. One of the waiters told me, “I’m best man in my friend’s wedding, and the bridesmaids are all wearing red, so I’m going to wear this tie with my tux!”

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