Was It Really 6 Years Ago?

Wow – how time has flown! 6 Years Ago I woke up to a whole new, strange and scary world. At least it was strange and scary at first. Then it became less scary, thank God, though it never became less strange. My red hair fell out. My white hair grew back. I said goodbye to one phase of my life and faced a new one.

Now, 6 years later, some things have changed, but others haven’t. I still have the tee shirt I wore that day, and the ring that Bill gave to me. They are talismans that I will always treasure.

I still read the comments every once in a while on the old blog – WordPress wouldn’t import them when I switched over –  and am filled with gratitude for the support and love, and the stories that people shared with me. I’m still deeply touched when I talk with a customer who says, “I read about your cancer and it really helped me/my friend/my daughter when I/she went through treatment.”

I still urge women to get an annual mammogram; they save lives. Please. Make sure you get one. I want you to be around for a very, very long time.

I’m still having a blast with Gorgeous Fabrics. And of course, I still sew. Lots. And I’ll have something to show you tomorrow. So until then, stay healthy and

Happy sewing!

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12 thoughts on “Was It Really 6 Years Ago?”

  1. Ann, I am just finishing up my treatment for breast cancer. I’ve gone through the chemo, the surgery and radiation and so glad to be on the road to being healthy. You were a great inspiration to me and I used a bit of your sass to help me through! My hair is growing back and I now have this darling super short, platinum blond hair style (well, it’s really gray, but it looks platinum!), as well as being 20 pounds lighter… I am so glad that you are doing well.

    1. Hugs and good health to you, Deb! It’s a reluctant sisterhood, and one that I would never wish to have anyone join. But we will survive!

  2. It feels like yesterday. You were the first person I knew (as an adult) that had breast cancer. And one of two reasons I’m sending myself in for a baseline mammogram this year (even though my mom complained to no end about them). Here’s to a happy, healthy you!

  3. I’m glad you are thriving, physically and professionally. My favorite breast cancer t shirt says, “Yes, they’re fake. The real ones tried to kill me.”
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you Ann. It is so important to not forget this annual test. I also want to add that there is new technology which makes the screening even more detailed. Opt to pay a bit more on that also. Best wishes to you and I will keep you in my thoughts as I sew up my Cowabunga fabric into a cute riding shirt!

  5. Happy Blogoversary Ann! I’ve just realized my blog was 8 (!!) years old on the 4th of January… It’s scary how time flies by.
    BIG HUG from Portugal,

  6. I hope I’ve told you over the past few years that knowing you were a few years ahead of me on this journey helped me tremendously. I didn’t have to do chemo (even though it scared me not to), so I had it pretty easy compared to you and most women I’ve encountered. I’m now 4-1/2 year post diagnosis and only think about BC twice a year, when I have all the imaging and tests to ensure that nothing has recurred. Thank you for being a role model for me; you helped me deal with it as a temporary annoyance, and not the defining focus of my life.

  7. Hello Ann, So glad to hear that you are doing well at your 6 year mark. Absolutely fantastic!

    My diagnosis of stage IV ovarian came a little over 2 years ago. Today, I’m sleeping off chemo #56 and looking at fabric between naps. Sewing and dreaming of sewing has done a lot to keep me going over the last couple years. I bought old tailoring books which have given me something absorbing to study on low energy days. My whole style of sewing has changed from quick, quick, quick to slower with much more attention to detail. Handwork has become a joy, where before it was an annoying speed bump. Getting to the machine is frequently just too much to handle. I’m so grateful for each day God gives, and for the new-found joy in sewing that fills many of those days!!! I used to sew out of necessity; I now sew for pure pleasure.

    Thank you for continuing your excellence in the fabric world! Your “eye” for fabric is wonderful. Wishing you many years of health and happiness…

    1. Ann, hang in there! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope that you come through this with flying colors. It is amazing how big life events change your entire perspective, and not just on sewing. Sewing was one of the things that kept me sane through treatment, as well.

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