Favorite Garments of 2015

I’m Not Generally One for Looking Back on the year past, but 2015 was a good year for things in my wardrobe that I just love, so here are my top 6. Yeah, I know – “What? Top 6? I thought it was Top 5?” What can I say? I’m a rebel. From number 6 favorite to number 1, these are the garments that I pull out of my closet or bureau and feel great wearing:

Number 6: Another Karen Short
Karen 3 On Me
It was a toss-up between these shorts and my Modified Kwik Sew Duster (okay, yes, I cheated and it’s technically 7 winners, but indulge me). The reason this one made the list is because I wore these incessantly from when I pulled them off the ironing board until the cold weather hit. That was about a two week span, here in Boston, so I am sure they will get lots of wear next summer. Plus I got some very good feedback on this pattern that helped me make the second one better. Thanks GOMI!

Number 5: Liesl & Company’s Maritime Top



Surprised by this? I am. When I made this top, I was unsure of it. It didn’t fit the ‘fit profile’ I was searching for at the time. But I thought it would be nice to do a compare/contrast between indie and big 4 Breton-style tops. Well. Over the months, this gets pulled out and worn on a very regular basis. So it’s a winner, and I will definitely make some more.

Number 4: Another StyleArc Kate Dress



After 2014’s Wrapapalooza, you might think I’d be tired of wrap dresses. Nope! Love them still, and this Kate Dress from StyleArc is one of my favorites!

Number 3: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll Dress
6838 v2 Front
You know, I don’t buy from other fabric stores often, but when I do, it’s spectacular fabric that I can’t lay my hands on. I have worn this dress three times so far this year, and every time I get stopped by people asking me where they can buy it. It’s a testament to this dress and fabric that I’m going to wear it tomorrow night to ring in the New Year.

Number 2: Paco Peralta’s Cassock Coat
Finished Front

If a piece of clothing could be the Perfect Man, this would be it. This coat is so beautifully drafted, yet so simple, that it sets off the wearer (that would be me) beautifully. It inspired DH to buy me a vintage Herm├Ęs “Petite Mains” scarf for Christmas to go with it (love that man!!). Paco – your designs are GORGEOUS!

Number 1: The Wedding Gown Refactor
I Would Do it Again in a Heartbeat
This year, I took a Princess-Di-inspired wedding confection and turned it into a sleek sheath dress for my 30th wedding anniversary dinner. I married the perfect man, and I wore the perfect dress then and gave it new meaning for now.

Have a safe, happy and wonderful New Year, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Favorite Garments of 2015”

  1. Meg Allen says:

    Love it all! Thanks for sharing. I especially love the sheath from your wedding gown. Such a wonderful new meaning for “preservation”. Have a wonderful and happy New Year!

  2. Dilliander says:

    Happy new year Ann, wishing you all the very best for 2016! Your top 6/7 are awesome and of course, gorgeous fabrics too.

  3. Tany says:

    It’s a beautiful collection Ann, it was a good year sewing-wise for you!
    Happy New Year, cheers to 2016!

  4. Karen says:

    Nice post and I enjoyed your ‘Threads’ article just out!

  5. Lisa Laree says:

    What lovely garments! I agree…2015 was a very good year for your closet! Here’s to a similarly productive 2016!

  6. Debbie Cook says:

    Happy New Year! It will be awesome to start it wearing such a great dress/fabric combo!

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Thanks Debbie!
      I hope we get to see more of you in 2016. I’ve missed your posts!

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