Tip: Easy Way to Keep Track of Pattern Pieces

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate it!

I posted this photograph on Facebook of my Lori Jacket pieces the other day after I cut them out

Lori Pieces Parts

and a reader exclaimed that keeping track of all the pattern pieces could be quite confusing, which is true. Who here has ever lost track of which little facing pieces are which? (raises hand) Well, hopefully this can help.

When I use patterns with lots of pieces, especially when I use patterns that have pieces that can easily be confused with one another, I simply keep the paper (or muslin) pattern pinned to its corresponding fabric/lining/interfacing until I sew them. If I’m sewing with leather or something else that won’t be pinned, I use a binder clip to clip them all together.

Lori Pieces 1
Pins or binder clips work great – your choice

This eliminates any confusion and saves me many hours of frustration. I keep them pinned to their pattern pieces after I’ve applied interfacing, as well

Lori Pieces 2
I keep all the pieces pinned to their pattern pieces, until I am ready to sew them

That’s one of those little things that makes life easier, and who doesn’t like to make their lives easier?

Happy sewing!

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6 thoughts on “Tip: Easy Way to Keep Track of Pattern Pieces”

  1. I do the same thing. Sometimes I need extra help and I use masking tape in different colors (the brighter the better). Masking tape is sticky enough and doesn’t leave any residues. One caveat: do NOT iron it! (I’ve done it…heheh)

  2. Sensible idea. I love to see altered pattern pieces that look a lot like mine – cut and spread, extra tissue added in all over the place! It seems I never use a large enough piece to add in the extra needed, and have to patch in other places with smaller ones. So glad to see it happens to someone else, too.
    Happy new year, Ann!

  3. I do the same thing, except that I remove most of the pins. That way I have less to do when I pick up the pieces I need for sewing.

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