The Great Thing About Sewing… (a repost from 2013)

… is that you have things in your stash that have uses way beyond the sewing room.

Case in point: We have two Christmas trees in our house. We have a live tree, which we keep in the family room, and Skippy, the Emergency Backup Artificial Tree, which this year we put on a table in the living room. I made a tree skirt years ago for the the big tree. But Skippy has been skirtless. And let’s face it, while artificial trees are pretty, the bottoms of them look, well, industrial.

But today I had a bit of a “eureka!” moment. I always have several yards of white silk organza in my stash for all sorts of sewing applications. The tree is covered in white/clear/silver decorations, so I brought down the organza, wrapped it around the bottom of the tree, and voila! A cloudy, pretty tree skirt. After the holidays are over, I’ll iron the organza and put it back in the sewing room to be used in sewing projects.

I just LOVE having a stash, don't you?
I just LOVE having a stash, don’t you?

So next time you need a specialty item, maybe your stash can solve the problem.

Happy sewing!

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14 thoughts on “The Great Thing About Sewing… (a repost from 2013)”

  1. I did the same thing with some sparkly blue organza for my office tree (it has an under the sea theme and is white) . . .Great idea — and beautiful little tree.

  2. Stash helped at Thanksgiving. Needed table pads for the sideboard and the chess table called into service and the side tables in the living room also called into service. Did NOT want to spend $. But I had flannel backed blackout lining left over from making drapes a couple of years ago, and voila. Table pads. I am keeping them for re-use. Even coffee spills wiped clean.

  3. My Christmas Tree, Carol, has an interesting tree skirt too. His skirt is a quilt top made of 1930’s cotton prints I bought at an estate sale. One day I’ll probably turn it into a proper tree skirt, but for now it’s just wrapped around the base of the tree.

  4. Love my stash for that very reason, I have some cream fabric that has sheer pink roses on it, it was the perfect table cloth for my special birthday afternoon tea!

  5. Hmmm… I was digging through my own stash looking for an appropriate tree skirt fabric the other day, but I came up empty-handed. Sorely tempted to use the orange sequined lycra fabric leftover from a costume project, though…

  6. Ha, when we moved to Boston a few years ago for grad school with only the possessions that would fit in a mini van, we had a surprisingly large number of “side/night tables” that were really just moving boxes covered with stash fabric. I don’t know if they looked good enough to fool anyone into thinking they were real furniture, but they were definitely classier than the alternative! Your tree looks lovely 🙂

  7. Our tree shall remain skirtless, the silly cats will not allow one to remain on. It seems they think they need a blanket or toy more than the tree needs a skirt. But the organza or other fabric from stash is a great idea!

  8. I love that your tree has a name. We’re going to have to discuss this at our house. Love Skippy’s skirt. Great idea, as usual.

  9. I am so late to this, but your organza looks lovely, and I did the same thing this year! I used my little fake white tree and I used a piece of silk from my stash to wrap around the base. It was so pretty, and yes, I have already returned the fabric to the closet, and put the tree away!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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