Vogue 9073 on the Hoof

Pictures! Tonight is prom, and DS the Younger wore his vest and tie. He told everyone who asked where he got it that I made it for him. 🙂

In the wild, under the tux.

In the wild, under the tux.

Buttoned up, with his ballroom dance partner

Buttoned up, with his ballroom dance partner


Photobombing the shot of the girls

Happy sewing!

5 thoughts on “Vogue 9073 on the Hoof”

  1. Brenda says:

    How exciting!! Son looks smashing and date/dance partner is stunning!
    I have a question about sewing beaded lace over satin. I am making a step-mother of the bride dress. I did a practice run on scraps and as I suspected, my sewing foot gets caught up on the beads and sequins. Any tips? The bodice is fitted and it is the only part covered with the lace. It has princess seams. I tried to place the lace so there is minimal beading at the seams but there are a few spots where it was unavoidable. It is a beaded top similar to your sons dance partners dress.

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Thread trace your seams by hand on the lace, then tie off the beading at the SA and remove the beads that are in the SAs. Then you can sew the seams by machine. That will save much frustration and keep you from breaking needles.

      1. Brenda says:

        Thank you!

  2. patsijean says:

    I love it. “DS the Younger” is a cute/handsome guy… and he can dance!

  3. Cherie says:

    Love the blue with the black tux – and blue glasses. I think DS the younger is super-sophisticated for his years!!!

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