If you check out the feeds on my blogroll, you have probably seen the posts from Shams, Margy and Nancy about our trip to Portland, OR last week. There are a group of us who have been meeting in various cities around the US for the last several years. This year the trip was to PDX, and it was wonderful! A vacation with my sewing buddies is one of my favorite things, and I have been looking forward to visiting Portland since we first decided to go there.

First up, thanks so much to Shams and Patti for arranging everything. While no one was in charge of the weekend, they took charge and made sure we had great food and lodgings.

There was lots of fabric shopping. Believe it or not, I recused myself from all that. Go figure – I prefer to spend my off hours doing anything but fabric shopping. Fortunately, the group is comfortable with splitting up and not having to all do the same things. While everyone else hit up the Pendleton store and Mill End Fabrics (which I hear were great)  I went to the botanical gardens and the river walk. We all met up for dinners and we went to the Italian Style exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. It was a wonderful time!!!

I didn’t take very many pictures, unfortunately, but here are the few I did take…

Mt Hood
Mt. Hood from the airplane. So Beautiful!!!!

Portland had great street art
Street art and great public transportation, too
It’s called the City of Roses
And they were just starting to bloom
With Rosie!!
Outside the Italian Style Exhibit. My friend Glenn owns a Bugati, so I had to send him this picture
Jan and Nancy at Pok Pok
Mardel, Liana, Rosie and Shams at Pok Pok.
Mt. Hood from the cab
Mt. Hood – I think? Mt. Adams and Ranier in the background. Them’s some big-assed mountains!
Rainier. Yeah.
Mt. St. Helens, with Ranier in the background. Can you say “boom”?

Thank you to all my friends for a wonderful weekend! I have been working on prom stuff for DS the Younger and one of The Elves, so more to come.

Happy Sewing!

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4 thoughts on “Portland!”

  1. So cool! Thanks for posting the pictures. Especially the one with Mardel and Liana. Nice to see them again. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  2. The “Mt. Hood-I think?” photo is definitely Mount Adams. I live in the area and my husband is an avid mountain climber. The others you got right. 🙂 I met Rosie at a Susan Kahlje week in Baltimore a few years ago. I love Rosie! Glad you had such a fun trip. I love Portland!

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