Inside a Burberry Trench Part 2 – The Removable Liner

Almost four years ago, I wrote what has proved to be one of my most popular posts, Inside a Burberry Trench. While a Burberry trench is a wonderful lifetime-wear garment, it only sees three seasons in the Northeast. To make it warm for winter weather, you can add a removable liner. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The liner, installed in the coat

The Burberry liner is made of a medium-weight wool, polyamide and cashmere flannel in the classic Burberry plaid. It buttons into the coat, with roughly half an inch overlap on the coat’s facings.

And on its own

This is the liner turned inside out on Shelley. This is what would be against the body when wearing the coat.

There are some interesting details that you can see. First – the plaid’s major stripe is centered at the CB. There is no center back seam, just two side seams. The vent is off-center, to correspond to the vent on the coat. All the edges are finished with lightweight cotton twill tape binding.

The horizontal plaid is matched perfectly across all seams. Now, on the back side of the liner are some more cool details. All seams are finished with the same twill tape binding, so the liner looks good from all angles. The shoulder seams are generously wide (for RTW), probably to eliminate bulk when wearing the liner in the coat, and they are pressed toward the back.

There is a facing, made from the same fabric as the coat shell (cotton blend) that is about 2 inches wide. The edge is turned under and sewn to the liner. The facing is navy blue (my coat is navy), rather than a one-color-fits-all. It’s a nice detail that might go overlooked.

For a short coat, there are 12 buttons and buttonholes for affixing the liner to the coat. The buttonholes are spaced about 6 inches apart along the coat’s front, with two evenly spaced between the center back and the shoulder seams, and one at each shoulder seam. In a full-length trench, there are 14 buttons. The buttons are sewn to the coat’s facings, except at the collar and sleeves, where there is no facing.

The little buttons are for the liner. The big button is for the coat.

So that’s what the innards of a Burberry trench liner look like. That should give you some ideas if you are making your own. Hope this helps, and

Happy sewing!

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12 thoughts on “Inside a Burberry Trench Part 2 – The Removable Liner”

  1. I made something similar to line my daughter’s wool pea coat last year. Mine was made of a quilted nylon/batting, also buttoned in. It has proved to be very useful for her winter coat that just didn’t have much insulation.

  2. I think we’re on the same wavelength. I purchased a wool plaid to line my trenchcoat and make it a more four-seasons affair. I was looking at hubby’s for inspiration, but love the detail you gave here in your blog. It will definitely help to organize my thoughts when making the final product.

  3. I recently donated my 30-year old Burberry. (Actually Burberry’s, they only dropped the ‘s in the last few years when it was decided to make it a high-fashion brand.) It was still fine, but the 1980’s cut of the raglan shoulders (huge pads) was making me look too vintage!
    The separate lining was attached by one long fine zipper, hiding behind the edge of the coat facing. I imagine that would be more comfortable than all those interior buttons.

  4. Hi, just looking at the fabulous presentation of the Burberry. With regards to the inner liner, I have a chance to buy one. The label says it is the same size as my coat 52 R. Would it be a difficult task to install this myself, ie where I would have to sow the buttons on the coat so the liner would fit properly. Any help would be so much appreciated.

    Kindest regards


    1. I don’t think it would be very difficult to install yourself, George. If you buy one from Burberry the cost includes installation. But All you need to do is line up the center backs. I would pin the liner into the coat where you want it to sit, and mark the buttons from there, then sew them on.

  5. Hello, I am wondering about the different styles of plaid lining inside a burberrys
    Trench coat, I recently found a vintage burberrys prorsum on ebay, after many hours of googleing Burberrys history, finally….
    I also came across some old news paper photos of the late princess Diana,
    She was wearing a Burberrys trench as was prince Charles, this was the
    1983 tour in Nova Scotia, Canada, the Burberrys that I bought on ebay has the same exact lining as the one princess Diana is wearing on her tour,
    I have not found any information on this particular lining as I have not
    seen it on any other burberry linings except for my own and Princess Diana’s.
    The base is a tan colour with about a 2×2 check (or there abouts) with a skinny
    Yellow stripe, a skinny red stripe, a skinny blue stripe, and a skinny gray
    stripe, I think it’s gray anyway,
    Would anyone out there possibly have any information on the year that said
    lining was used in the Burberrys trench?

    Ontario, Canada

  6. Hi thanks for the information
    I wanna buy the inner liner but Burberry web site doesn’t show it.
    If u know where to buy n how much cost for it?
    Thank u so much

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