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I’m making a sleeveless blouse, and the pattern calls for an invisible zipper at the neckline. Since I am using a lightweight stretch silk charmeuse, I want a zipper that won’t be too heavy for the fabric. When I was making my lace dress late last year, I bought a mesh-tape invisible zipper at Botani in New York. That type of zipper is perfect for this, but I don’t have near-term plans to go to New York again, and Botani doesn’t sell that type of zipper on their website. It was Sunday and they are closed, so I couldn’t call them to order one. Being impatient, I went online and did some hunting. That was how I found

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What do they sell? Zippers of all types, as well as other notions like chalk, interfacing, knit cuffs and waistbands for jackets, buttons, etc. I bought 10 zippers in all: 5 white mesh tape and 5 black mesh tape invisible zips.

How is the Selection? Pretty good. They have lots of colors of the more “standard” zippers. They only have 4 colors of the mesh-tape invisibles (black/white/pink/blue), so if you need a special color other than those, you can’t buy them on the website.

How are the prices? Excellent. My zippers were $1.79 each. I’m trying to remember the price of the zippers at Botani, and I can’t recall exactly, but they were somewhere between $7 and $10 each.

How’s their site? Good. Easy to surf, items are arranged in a way that is easy to find what you are looking for.

Is it a SSL (secure) website? Yes. They use

How is the customer service? Excellent. The order went through without a hitch. I was promised my zippers by Friday and they arrived today.

Where are they Located? They ship from Virginia

Do they ship internationally? Yes

So, thumbs up or thumbs down? Big thumbs up! Excellent prices, excellent service, lightning fast shipping. The downside is that you can’t get all the colors of the rainbow for that particular zipper, but you can’t beat the price.

These should hold me for a while.
These should hold me for a while.

I will definitely use ZipperShipper again, and I heartily recommend it!

Happy sewing!

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  1. This is one of the types that the local chain store in Canada (Fabricland) carries in quite a few colors, so if your readers know someone in Canada, they may be able to hook them up with them as well.

  2. I agree with you! I have used them with great results, also. It is especially handy with a military type jacket and you have several zipped pockets that you want to match.

  3. Thank you, as always, Ann, for sharing your knowledge and expertise! Things haven’t been the same since Solo Slide Fasteners closed their Foxboro location, where I could pick up my orders and never pay for shipping! I will definitely check out and add some mesh zippers to my stash. Hope to see you again soon and be well.

    1. I don’t recall precisely but I want to say it was in the vicinity of $5. It was reasonable, knowing what it costs to send things out.

  4. Site is run by a bunch of crooks. Will send you a random product that you have no use and then will try to wiggle out of it by telling you a story Just wasted my time and money

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