Things to Make with Less than One Yard – Ursula Ponte Skirt in Black and White

Continuing my series on projects and patterns that use up one yard (or less) of fabric, today I give you another StyleArc Ursula Skirt. I’ve already made this once, and you can see My Original Pattern Review Here. I used all the same construction methods, so I won’t bother to review it again. But this time I decided to do the contrast panel version, using two Matellassé doubleknits from Gorgeous Fabrics: Novelty Bows Matellassé Doubleknit in Off White, and Novelty Bows Matellassé Doubleknit in Black.

I used the off white for the main front panel:
Ursula BW Front

And I used the black for the sides, waistband and back:
Ursula BW Side
Ursula BW Back

I thought about using the off white for the back panel, but there is one big obstacle:


and his name is Hoover

I’ll have black dog hair all over me anyway, but at least I can see it on the front and get at it with a lint roller. Sitting on my family room couch in a white-backed skirt would spell disaster.

I used less than one half of the one-yard piece of each fabric for the skirt, which leaves me with enough of both to make a color-blocked top tomorrow.

Shameless Plug Time!
New Kai Scissors
I got an email from Kai Scissors last week that they were having an introductory offer on “Very Berry” colored scissors and shears. I generally need to replace or augment my shears every 2-3 years, and the email arrived at just the right time. So I got a pair of 6 ½ inch scissors, and I got a new pair of serrated edge professional shears. I also indulged in the curved scissors. Phyllis swears by them. I love Kai scissors. They are my go-to brand. Even with the heavy use I give them, they retain their edge better than any other kind of shears I’ve used. NAYY, just a very happy customer.

I’ll probably try to whip up a top with the remaining Matellassé knits tomorrow. Then I want to start on my next big project, which is a red lace dress. More later…

Happy sewing!

6 thoughts on “Things to Make with Less than One Yard – Ursula Ponte Skirt in Black and White”

  1. Faye Lewis says:

    I’m a Kai shears fan too. Love them – love your new skirt too!

  2. Allyn says:

    Kai shears ROCK! They’re so comfortable, and they’ve sliced through every fabric like buttah!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hoover is soooo cute! Love Kai – thanks for the heads-up! And thanks for all the one yard ideas.

  4. jsews says:

    Great looking skirt and Kai are the best – so comfortable to use! Can you tell me about the pattern weights you use? Who makes them?

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Gosh those weights are probably 20 years old, JSews. I think they are Dritz, and I’m not sure they are made any more. You can try Wawak and Sew True to see if they have something similar.

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