I’m Bumping This Tip Up to the Top – Make the Lining First

Carolyn, of Sewing Fanatic Diary fame, did a good post on linings yesterday, which got me thinking about a tip I wrote originally back in 2002 (!!), then published on my blog in 2008 (!). For me, making the lining first is logical. It keeps me from getting project fatigue, which often happens to me if I make the outer shell first, then the lining. Anyway, here’s that tip for your reading and sewing pleasure:

Make the Lining First

And the corollary to that:

Make the Skirt First

Both of these seem to speed my sewing process along and limit the number of UFOs, so hopefully they will help someone else.
Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “I’m Bumping This Tip Up to the Top – Make the Lining First”

  1. Karen says:

    I totally agree, Ann, and always make the lining first. There’s such a great feeling then to know when the fashion fabric is sewn all you have to do is sew in the completed lining for a finished garment – love it!

  2. Carolyn Hoppe says:

    Awesome idea of making the lining first. So true about keeping project fatigue from setting in. Love this.

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