Yet Another Ann T-Top

Can you stand one more? To quote Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming” and I was in the mood to sew another Ann T from StyleArc. This time I made the long-sleeved version in a You Say Zig… Sweatery Knit in Dark Gray from Gorgeous Fabrics.

I didn’t do anything differently, though let me give you a couple of tips on working with this fabric. First: it’s pretty stretchy, and it will stretch out in the horizontal direction if you aren’t careful. I recommend using Steam-a-Seam Lite or another lightweight stabilizer on the hems, and you might want to use fusible tricot interfacing on the neckline just to give it a little ‘oomph”. If you don’t have any on hand, don’t sweat it too much. I didn’t use either on this version. The fabric will steam back into shape, which is what I did to it.

YAAT Front

My Pfaff is in the shop for the next couple of weeks, so I sewed this one up on the Bernina and (mostly) on the Juki serger. I have to tell you, though the Bernina is a great machine, I really miss the integrated differential feed on the Pfaff. It really keeps knits like this from stretching. Oh well.

Now here’s some really cool news about this top! If you aren’t on the mailing list for Gorgeous Fabrics, or if you don’t check out our Facebook Page, you might have missed the news that our friends at StyleArc did an absolutely fabulous thing for our Gorgeous Fabrics peeps. They created a free download of the Ann T-Top just for you! To get yours, just click on the link below, enter your email address, the size you want, and they will send you a .PDF of the Ann T-Top, along with the two closest sizes to the one you chose, so you can get the size you want! You’ll be on their mailing list, but I’ll vouch for them. I’ve been on their mailing list since the beginning, and they don’t inundate you or share your information. No catch, just a really nice gift from Chloe and the folks at StyleArc. A big huge thank you to StyleArc!!!

Click Here for the StyleArc-Gorgeous Fabrics Ann T-Top

Here’s the disclosure and disclaimer: this was a generous offer from Chloe for Gorgeous Fabrics. We’re not doing any exchange, and neither of us gets anything from the other for this. It’s a great way to introduce you to StyleArc, and this top is letter-perfect for just about any of the knits at Gorgeous Fabrics. So enjoy it, you chic things you! 🙂

In non-sewing news, it’s been a quiet summer around here. DS the Younger is the incoming Drum Major in the high school band, and DS the Elder is going to be field staff (that’s kind of like a section leader) in the tenor sax section of his college band. DS the Younger went to Drum Major Academy, which is held at UMass Amherst, where DS the Elder goes. We went out to see him in their final performance. It was great fun!

DMs with Fred Omega Pi
With Fred Omega Pi, the Mace God

One of my favorite pictures is of 4 “generations of drum majors” from our high school.

4 Generations of DMs
L-R: 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2014-2015, 2015, 2015-2016

I just got a bunch of the new Fall Vogue patterns, so I’m going to start contemplating fall sewing. I’ve been talking with some friends who also sew, and now they have me jonesing for a new jacket. Hmmmmm… More later.

Happy sewing!

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8 thoughts on “Yet Another Ann T-Top”

  1. I just took a break for lunch and to read your blog. I am working on a short sleeve version today. Boy it goes together quickly! Love your sweater knit version Ann. Thanks for the pattern Style Arc!

  2. Just signed up for the pattern. Thank you for this great offer.
    My daughter was in her high school marching band as a color guard. It was a great experience! I really enjoyed all the competitions. What an exciting year for your sons and their positions in the marching bands. Not many people understand the amount of practice that goes into the performances. Enjoy!

  3. Ann, I have to agree about machines. I have a Bernina 440 QE on which it is nearly
    impossible to get a good seam on knit fabrics. But the trusty old Pfaff sails through any seam.
    I have been told to use the walking foot on the Bernina but it still doesn’t compare to my Pfaff.
    Thanks to you both for the downloaded pattern.
    New Zealand

  4. Love your sweater-knit top! I, too, agree about Pfaff vs. Bernina while sewing knits and many other fabrics. I just gotta have me Pfaff love! Your sons look all grown up. Is DS the younger still dancing?

    1. He is still dancing, Karen. He hasn’t done as much dancing as he would normally, because of jobs/DMA/band camp, but he and his partner are starting back this week.

  5. Thank you so much for this offer. I have wanted to order from Style Arc for so long, but was unsure of the sizing. Can’t wait to give it a go!

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