Things To Make with Less than a Yard v.1: Ann’s Tee

Have you ever had this happen to you? You buy fabric for a pattern. Maybe you bought what the pattern envelope recommended and Used a Single Layer Layout. Maybe you bought a remnant of a fabulous fabric. Whatever the circumstances, you have a little under a yard, and you really, really want to use it. Well my friends, over the next week or so, I’ll show you some patterns that take that remnant out of your stash and into your wardrobe.

First up, StyleArc Ann Tee Top

Not named after me, though I do love it so. This was in the StyleArc rotation before I discovered StyleArc. The short sleeved version takes roughly ¾ of a yard for a size 10. This rayon jersey (sold out, sorry) from Gorgeous Fabrics is left over from another StyleArc that I made, the Jacinta Maxi Dress.

Less than a yard!

Less than a yard!

A couple of notes about this version. First, my Pfaff is on the pfritz, so I used only my Juki home serger to make this. The seams are all serged with a standard 4-thread stitch. Second, the hems are finished with a serger rolled hem. I didn’t trim the hems down (the hems are ¾ inch on this pattern), but that’s fine since I like my tops long. Third, because I was working with a remnant, I didn’t get too wound around the axle trying to place the print. And honestly? This is a summer tee, so the slightly off-center placement of the major motif on the front is just fine.

I have several pieces of knits that are left over from other projects, and I have a couple of other patterns that I love that are appropriate for leftovers. I’ll post those as I make them up. But in the meantime, here’s my advice for you when you have a remnant that is under a yard, but still useful. Pull out a tried and true sleeveless or short-sleeved pattern, and lay it out on your fabric and see if you can make yourself a top. If you use a single-layer layout, you can probably get yourself a top with minimal hassle.

Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “Things To Make with Less than a Yard v.1: Ann’s Tee”

  1. Colleen P. says:

    Oh I am SO looking forward to this series! I hate to part with a scant yard of nice fabric, and since I always try to buy plenty “just in case”, I find that I do end up with scraps this size! What a great idea!

  2. Rhoda K says:

    Pfaff on other Pfritz – cute 😉 Look forward to your posts.

  3. Leanne says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve got a few knits that are less than a yard or sizeable scraps. I’ve made a few knee length A-line skirts from “left overs”. I’ve also added a side panel to tshirts when there wasn’t enough width for a full front. The side panels were cut perpendicular to straight of grain (stretch runs up & down instead of around). Like you said – it’s a casual top for around the house and running errands.

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