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  1. Did you buy it on e-bay or someplace else? Were you able to get your size, etc?
    I would love the pattern and am kicking myself over and over to think that I made this dress back in the 70’s and then gave the pattern away. What a fool am I!!!

    1. Maria, it was on EBay, in my shoulder/upper chest size (alas, I will have to size up a bit at the waist). I’ve been wanting it for ages upon ages. One of my good customers has been sewing the bejeebers out of this pattern with my knits recently, and her results are fantastic.

  2. Will be anxious to see your review of this pattern. I’ve had it for years and haven’t made it up (since I’m no longer doing a work wardrobe anymore), but I might be convinced to make it if you think the pattern is a winner.

  3. So glad you found this great Vogue pattern. I remember that my mother had this pattern in the ’70’s and she made several wrap dresses. She absolutely loved DVF and would probably laugh that it’s once again a hot “new” style. I miss her so much! Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts. I know you will look great in it, Ann!

  4. I’ve heard that Simplicity 7705 is a decent and less expensive proxy that also came out in 1976. There’s a self tie belt instead of ties at the waistline seam but the silhouette is pretty similar. I’ve made the Simplicity with great results though never the DVF Vogue. And a good wrap dress is invaluable!

  5. Congrats on your new acquisition! I’m still looking for the petite version for my mom.. (She was busy with infant me when it first came out.) Looking forward to your posts about it!

  6. I sell vintage patterns on ebay and it is so fun for me and for the people who buy them! I have not yet come across this pattern yet, but it’s on my radar. It’s a classic for sure.

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