Speaking of The Pressinatrix..

This weekend, she had a sit-down to dish with Claire Kennedy, of the marvelous blog Sewing Artistry. If it’s not already on your blog feed or list, I heartily recommend it. Claire is a wonderful teacher, an excellent writer and a good friend.

SewingArtistry Interview with The Pressinatrix

Enjoy, and happy pressing!

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One thought on “Speaking of The Pressinatrix..”

  1. I have missed out on your site previously but from now on will keep alert for it. I have been using ARC Patterns now for the past two years, very rarely have I had to make drastic changes. I find they are up to the minute and mainly classic garments which I prefer for myself.
    Your Blog is most interesting and I will look in again, I am new to this and do find some of the terminology a little baffling.
    Kind Regards Jean.

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