Of Weekends, Doggies, Friends and Fabrics

Grab a cuppa or a glass of something refreshing and settle in. This is going to be a long one…

Well, this has been a whirlwind couple of weeks! I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

First, the Fiberly Train pulled into the Station in Santa Fe, NM last weekend! This is an annual get together of women who love to talk sewing, eat, drink, enjoy each other’s company and have a wonderful time! There are 5 of us who are “series regulars” – Nancy, Patti, who doesn’t blog, Liana Jan (Hey Jan, do you blog? I don’t have a blog for you), and me. It’s a wonderful time, with wonderful people. For the past three years, we have congregated in Chicago, but this year Nancy suggested we visit her home state of New Mexico. Also this year, Shams and Margy joined us. What wonderful ladies!!! I have to admit, I felt a little like the Tasmanian Devil (not the hungry for Bugs Bunny part, but the entrance):

I had the farthest journey, and when I made my reservations way back last year, I wasn’t sure what the state of Gorgeous Fabrics would be (new website launch, dontcha know). So I made my arrangements to fly to Santa Fe on Friday, and home on Sunday. It was whirlwind, but it was WONDERFUL! You can see more pictures on my cohorts’ blogs, because I was so caught up in meeting, talking and having so much fun with everyone, then blasting out like one of the Santa Ana winds, that I didn’t take many pictures. But here are a couple:

This is the bar at La Fonda on the Plaza where Bob Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Boys used to come drinking on Friday Nights. We Fiberly sisters kept that great tradition. Minus the nukes.

This is the bar at La Fonda on the Plaza where Bob Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Boys used to come drinking on Friday Nights. We Fiberly sisters kept that great tradition. Minus the nukes.

Jan Liana Nancy

Jan, Liana and Nancy

Sharon Margy Jan

Sharon, Margy and Jan

The Gang

From Left: Nancy, Liana, Patti, me, Sharon. Margy, Jan


I totally suck at selfies, but I did get to wear my bustier

You can see better pictures on everyone else’s blogs. I was so intent on visiting with everyone that I didn’t bring my good camera, so I didn’t get a lot of pictures, sorry!

That was last weekend. This weekend, I was in New York. I had to go down Friday for a buying trip (woop woop!), and it coincided with the book signing party for my darling Tom & Lorenzo, which took place at my BFAM Emmett’s store! Their book, “Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me” is a fun, fun read. Of course, I had to be there! I tended bar, met with other Bitter Kittens, acted at times as semi-official photographer. I had a great time! Here are some choice pictures (I did have my good camera for this one):

BMDM 5-3-14

Springtime on 6th Avenue, Freedom Tower in the background


The courtyard at EMc2, getting ready for the book signing



BMDM Mannequin



Emmett, Lorenzo, Tom and the Bitter Kittens

Party Crowd

Bitter Kittens!

Photo Gal

Nancy got a picture of me taking pictures.

TLo and Emmett

Three of my favorite men in the world.

I realized this week that I’m not lacking sewing mojo. I just have had no blogging mojo for the last several weeks. But I may have just found something to change that. I found some fabric that is not going on the site. There were only three yards of it at the designer’s showroom, and when she offered it to me, I just had to grab it! Anyone who knows me knows that I love dogs, and this is a fabulous silk crepe de chine print of French Bulldogs. If I can find more, I promise I’ll put it up on the site. But this one is mine, bwahahahahahaha!

I bought some patterns today. The first one I’m going to make is Burda 7378. I’ve cut it out of muslin for a test garment. That’s going to be the puppy dress

Patterns 5-4-14

A couple of end-shots. First is Emmett’s dog, Gizmo:

GizmodoAnd finally – Really people?? Really???


I mean. Really??? Yes, Simplicity and McCalls, you are big ol’ pattern companies. And yes, you are both located on the Isle of Manhattan. But really? You couldn’t manage to find two different fabrics for like, the same prom dress? Really?

BTW, Amy’s from my hometown. Just sayin’

PS, if you have the chance to see “Mothers and Sons”, do it! It’s awesome. And I’m not kidding about that one.

Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Of Weekends, Doggies, Friends and Fabrics”

  1. devra says:

    i was wondering why i didn’t see any photos of you at the BK gathering on TLo! it’s because you took all their photos 🙂 i hope it was a blast!

  2. Rosie says:

    What a great group of ladies you spent time with in Santa Fe! It was great to see you at the book signing. Aww that little Gizmo is a cutie.

  3. Shams says:

    It was so delightful to meet you in Santa Fe, Ann! You were in and out quickly, but it was fun.

    New York looks like it was a hoot and that doggie crepe de chine is so cute!

  4. Sofie says:

    Looks like they (Simplicity and McCalls) made one dress, firstly the longer one and then cut it and added that fluff at the bottom and ‘hey presto’ second dress… no effort! Cut puppy fabric.

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