A Day of Many Goings On

Today is April 15th. That means several things. First,

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Ode to Joy, or King of Pain?

It’s Tax Day in the US. Every year on April 15, post offices remain open til midnight, procrastinators burn the midnight oil. Accountants consume large quantities of caffeine and antacids, and a lucky few (I’m never one of them) get to look forward to getting a check back from the feds and/or state.

It’s the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing. My city will mark it with celebrations of the lives of those who were lost, as well as the lives of those who survived and those who helped them. I wrote a Response to the Happenings Last Year (Warning, some found it offensive. I don’t care), which I still feel profoundly today, even though it is tempered by the passage of time. Boston will run again, next Monday to be exact.

Four years ago today, I completed chemotherapy for stage 1 breast cancer. I Chronicled My Experiences Here. I hope you never have to go through it, but if you do, you are not alone, and you can do it.

I still have the dress and the wig.

And today? Today is a little more mundane for me – work and such. But I did also get my mojo back! If you thought I was feeling sorry for myself or indulging in a self-pity-party, please accept my apologies for that. I wasn’t. Losing one’s mojo compares in no way with losing something important, and other events that happened on April 15th are definitely more important. But we do all take joy from the small things in life, and I can rejoice in my mojo’s return. I took the very helpful advice from many people, put aside the projects that were keeping me from moving forward, and cut out a dress. I’ll hopefully have it all sewn up tonight. I have a girls’ weekend coming up, and I plan to wear it then. I’ll review it when it’s done. Until then,

Happy sewing!

5 thoughts on “A Day of Many Goings On”

  1. ally says:

    As a Billerica girl now living in Yankees territory, I remember your original post from a year ago, and wanted to comment then, but everything was too close to home then. Hard to believe it’s been an entire year. Time won’t heal all wounds, but it can heal some.

  2. Debby says:

    Ann, never once thought you were feeling sorry for yourself…my first thought was that you needed some down time after all you’ve been doing transitioning your business site etc. So glad your mojo is back…love reading your blog.


  3. Mary Smolek says:

    Just don’t sew. In time (most likely a short time) the same inner force that first pulled you to that machine long ago will again surface and you will just have to sew.

  4. Meg Allen says:

    I re-read your April 2013 post about the marathon bombing, and I felt again the same as I did last year, in solidarity with you and your neighbors. Outraged, and bound to prove that we Yankees can’t be kept down. Thanks, Ann, for writing as you did and do. And right on! Will be thinking of you and all marathoners next week.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I liked what you wrote about the Boston Marathon bombers. Anybody who was offended probably has never met anyone who was raised in that area. F-bombs don’t hurt anybody. I didn’t know until recently that you had your own fabric store online. Love it! I belong to, so I have read lots of your reviews there, I think, though your username was slightly different. Also congrats on the 4-year chemo anniversary!

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