Le Selfie en Issy

I suck at selfies, and my arm isn’t long enough to get the entire top in the picture, but here’s a view so you can see at least the neckline. I’ll get DH to take a real picture tonight or tomorrow.

Issy Selfie

I just lurve that neckline!

Happy sewing!

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4 thoughts on “Le Selfie en Issy”

  1. You look great! It’s very flattering on you. I just got that pattern too and it’s great to see it all made up.

  2. DH and I both photograph horribly, and I got tired of depending on the kindness of strangers to take good pics of us on vacation (because that’s worked out exactly never so far). Before last month’s vacation, I bought a monopod, aka my “selfie stick”. It works so well! I highly recommend one if your camera has a self timer or remote switch (trigger?).

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