The Pressinatrix has NEEDS, Darlings

Kittens, your Pressinatrix is peeved, and has decided to put her well-shod foot down. You see, The Pressinatrix has needs, dears. Not many, and not complex. But she has them. And her lesser self alter ego, Ann, has been saying no for far too long. So The Pressinatrix has decided to take matters into her own hands. Yes, The Pressinatrix is going shopping for equipment that will perform pressing procedures perfectly, peerlessly and paradisiacally.

So here’s what I want:
Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.37.31 AM

Along with:
Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.39.14 AM

Actually, your Pressinatrix wants the professional vacuum-board, but her lesser self alter ego has firmly said no. Oh boo. Who cares about new web sites and new features? Your Pressinatrix deserves the best, n’est-ce pas? Humph. The Pressinatrix shall now pout prettily in the parlor until she gets what she wants.

(Aside from Ann, the lesser self)
So – anyone have either or both of these? How do you like them?

Happy sewing!

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17 thoughts on “The Pressinatrix has NEEDS, Darlings”

  1. I have had the reliable iron for about 2 years. It was my first “special” iron, after having may other regular style Rowentas, etc. I decided against a gravity fed steam iron because I did not want to hang something from the ceiling and did not want to deal with an IV pole in my small sewing room.

    I love, love, love the reliable. It has worked like a champ! Only problem is occasionally overfilling it with water and if the iron falls off the ironing board, watch out toes, it’s relatively heavy.

  2. Oh indeed, I think this should be a “must have” for the Pressinatrix! And I would think that this could be a write-offable business expense for Pressinatrix L.L.C.!

  3. I have an older Rowenta iron with a tank, not nearly as good, it splutters. The iron you display looks fine, but why not a gravity feed model? If you can afford it, I’d go ahead and buy a vacuum ironing board. It’s very helpful for tailoring.

    Actually, if you want to do serious pressing, you should consider making a pressing table.

    1. The Pressinatrix’ husband, The Pressinator, is going to make The Pressinatrix a pressing table, since the Pressinatrix does nothing but serious pressing. The Pressinatrix also has two gravity feed irons, which you can see in many of The Pressinatrix’ posts. This will be a replacement for one of them, which is 8 years old.

  4. I have that ironing board – it was a birthday gift from my husband last year. I LOVE it! The fact that it is almost 60″ wide and rectangular makes pressing yardage so much faster. I can’t really speak to the sturdiness of the iron holder part. My iron is a gravity feed (Naomoto HYS-58) so I don’t have a base/tank sitting there. It seems pretty stable though, I think the kind of iron you’re looking at is what it was made for.

  5. Have that ironing board and it works great. The little rack underneath will hold a ham, a pressing cloth, a seam roll, and if you’re really careful a sleeve board. Good luck. My friend didn’t have as good luck with her vacuum board. It only lasted a few years and was more expensive to fix than buying a mid range sewing machine.

  6. I wonder how difficult it would be to convince the makers of the vacuum boards and gravity feed irons that The Pressinatrix would be doing them an immense favor by accepting their equipment free of charge and using it in her tutorial videos?

  7. Huh? A VACUUM ironing board. Who knew?!? Thanks for bringing so much information to me/us. I want that ironing board. I’ve never really used the pointed end of it anyway.

  8. I use a reliable iron in my sewing class. It is running 12 hours a day/6 days a week with many non professional users (a.k. student proof) and that for the last 8 years and it is as good as the first day!

    About the same time my teacher bought her Reliable, I was about to buy a new iron too and I choose a Europro instead. HUGE mistake. I had to change the pump twice in the 6 years I had it and finally, the tank started to leak (I was using the recommended de-ionized water). For the time being, I make do with a regular 50$ iron, but I can’t wait to have the budget to buy a Reliable!!! I won’t make the same mistake twice!!!!

    By the way, the Reliable was about 100$ more expensive than the Europro. It costed me twice as much to do the reparations and finally, it was not good. So definitly, go for a Reliable!

  9. I have had a Reliable iron for about a year, use it daily, and I love it. The vacuum board would be a nice addition to a sewing room also.

  10. I have had i300s and like them. Reliable has very good customer service. I’ve had to send to Reliable in Canada and have had good experiences. If you leave your iron on all day, every day(I do) you need to get the i500. Luigi, the service guy, told me that the last time I had mine in for repairs. My next one will be the i500.

  11. Gravity vs. boiler —
    I have had both. Gravity uses the chemical and boiler uses plain tap water. In a gravity iron system the water is heated in the iron but in the boiler iron system the water is heated before it gets to the iron, less iron maintenance issues.

  12. Yes, I have the ironing board and the other pointy end that can be put on it. You will need the pointy end when ironing garments. I bought it for quilting and sewing, so I use both. The shelf underneath is great! I bought the Reliable iron with the board, and it died the first year I had it. Very unhappy with it! I have a nice steam iron now with a water “bucket”, but I’m too tired to climb the stairs to tell you what one it is. It might be Rowenta. I got it from Amazon several years ago, and I really like it.

  13. I have the i300 and the C81 board (vacuum and air-up). No problems but I haven’t used either for very long. The customer service was great. I don’t leave my iron on all day, so I didn’t buy the i500.

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