No Really, Things are Happening

It’s just that, between work, family, tailoring, and everything else, the coat is coming along slowly. But surely! The collar is all pad stitched, and today I spent the afternoon with Phyllis, and we worked on our projects. I did a lot of hand stitching, applying interfacing to the outer shells. And tonight I did lots and lots of pad-stitching. Since pictures are way more interesting than my words, here you go. First, I attached the interfacing to the lapel facings with catch stitching, then I basted it:
3201 Facing Before_1024
After it was attached to the facing, I pad-stitched the lapel:
3201 Pad Stitching_1024
Here’s the fully pad-stitched lapel
3201 Pad Stitched Facing

I still have to do the other lapel. This is the really slow part. Once the hand stitching is done, the rest should hopefully go together quickly. I hope so, because after this week I think it’s supposed to get cold around these parts!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “No Really, Things are Happening”

  1. Marina says:

    This looks delicious, Ann! Makes me forget all the sewing plans I made for myself 🙂

  2. Cennetta says:

    Pretty. I want a red coat too. 😉 Well, Hello Ann. It’s been a while. I just had to take a look at your blog after working too many hours and looking at too many tasks in the ole project plan. TIRED. Anyway, that is a beautiful shade of red. And love how you are documenting the construction process. I’ve never constructed a coat like this. I must try it. Thanks for always sharing your special skills.

    1. Gorgeous Fabrics says:

      Thanks Cennetta! It’s so good to hear from you again! Tired? Boy, you and me both. 🙂

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