Je Suis de Retour! Paris, Day One

Deep sigh as I slump back in my chair. Paris was a whirlwind of activity and beauty. What a wonderful city; what a wonderful trip!

But first… no, I did not do any fabric shopping. Remember, my darlings, this was a vacation. The only day I might have had time was Sunday, and the only store in Paris which I might be inclined to visit, Janssens et Janssens, was closed. So the fates decreed that this was a fabric-free trip!

What did I do? Museums! Food! Wine! Café au lait! Walking! Champagne! More walking! Snoop shopping! Even more walking!

Yeah, well, enough of my jawboning; let’s look at some pretty pictures.

That tall thin thing rising above the buildings to the right of center? Our first glimpse of le Tour Eiffel
Random street in Issy. The cool thing is that all the trees are shaped. You’ll see this in later pictures.

We got to our hotel long before they were ready for us, so we used the bathroom to freshen up, got some café, and took the Metro into Paris. First stop was the Musée Dorsay. So beautiful!!! I didn’t take any pictures in the museum, but we did stop at the Seine across the street to get some pictures of the river and the Key Bridge

As we were taking this picture, a young Chinese tourist behind us had his wallet snatched by a pickpocket who disappeared down into the Metro stop. There was an article in the WSJ recently talking about how pickpockets in Paris are targeting Chinese nationals, and unfortunately, that appears to be true.

Lovers place locks on the bridges’ fences and throw the keys into the Seine. They are called Love Locks.
In les Jardins Tuilleries. That’s l’Arc de Triomphe in the background.

We had lunch at Angelina which is world renowned for its Chocolat Chaud accompanied by Mont Blanc (I refuse to take pictures of my food, but it was all delicious). Three people told me I had to go there. It was wonderful! After lunch, we walked along the rue Faubourg St. Honoré. Thank goodness, the stores were closed, otherwise I could easily have spent my kids’ college tuitions.

You might have heard of this place…
You know, where that lady made those jackets?
I found the windows to be rather uninspired
Gucci, OTOH, had me drooling.
This “dress” was made of fiber optics

These windows were selling the shoes…

And this was made of paper that looks like it’s felted

For dinner that night, DH and I decided to go for it, and we made reservations on a Bateau Mouche. Touristy? Sure. But who knows when we will be back in Paris, right?

Prior to boarding (wearing my StyleArc Gabby Jacket)
With the man I Love in the Most. Romantic. City… Evah!
These million dollar apartments all have light-blocking shades, thanks to les bateaux.
Pretty nice view, eh?
Well this one is even nicer.

If you are in Paris in the not too distant future, there are a couple of things to know. First is that the Ritz is closed for renovations for about a year, so no fulfilling those Hemingway fantasies of having a drink at the bar. Second, the Plaza Athenée just closed this Wednesday. During Fashion Week! What is up with that?

I have lots of pictures from days two and three of my trip, but I’m going cross-eyed with jet lag, so I’ll save them until later. Pleasant dreams and,

Happy sewing!

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11 thoughts on “Je Suis de Retour! Paris, Day One”

  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time! The Bateau Mouche is a favorite even after many years. We’ve taken Parisians for the ride, and they always think it is a wonderful way to see the city.
    Your Gorgeous Fabrics are much better than most of the offerings there. Unless money is no object—which can apply to many things in Paris!

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for sharing & I will be excited to see day two & three pictures. What a great trip. You look lovely & your Gabby jacket turned out very well. The fit looks perfect.

  3. Oh, Ann… So glad you had a fabulous time! Loved your photos! (The Man and I were just there, in July — ok, it was a couple of months ago — and I should send you our photos at The Lock Bridge!) Glad you’re back, safe and sound. And darn you for tempting us with a 20% off sale!

  4. I don’t know what it is about Paris. It is so beautiful in every direction. The creative energy coming out of Chanel! I agree – the window looks kind of frumpy – maybe too many years of clothing perfection …….. and I love the Ann top and cardigan AND the Gabby jacket —— can’t wait to read more ……..

  5. It looks like you had a lovely trip. I’m glad you made it to Angelina’s. I took my 2 young daughters a few years ago and they are still talking about it. 🙂

  6. I’m off to Paris in a few weeks and love to her about the restaurants that you liked (or didn’t). Folks say you can’t get a bad meal in Paris but I know better as there are many mediocre places to eat. thanks for your blog 🙂

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