Butterick 5678 v.2 – The Lacier Sibling

Stop the presses! A miracle has happened – Ann actually repeated a pattern. No kidding! I loved my Butterick 5678 shirt so much, I decided to do a second version. It came to me when I was finishing up the first version. I have had a lacy-eyelety fabric sitting in my stash since before I started Gorgeous Fabrics. This would make a wonderful, more dressy and wintery version. So here you go! I’m not going to re-review it. I’ll just point out the changes I made

Fabric-wise: I used a lacy fabric that seems like a cross between an eyelet and a lace. It’s been in my stash since, like, forever. I’m not even sure where I bought it, it’s that old. Because of the peekaboo nature of the fabric, I underlined the body with an ecru/nude-toned silk habotai from Gorgeous Fabrics (long since sold out, sorry). I left the sleeves unlined.

The body is underlined with silk. The sleeves are left alone.
The body is underlined with silk. The sleeves are left alone.

I used Silk Organza in Light Tan from Gorgeous Fabrics to interface the collars and cuffs.

Silk organza will look more sheer while adding body.
Silk organza will look more sheer while adding body.

Finishing-wise: I finished the side seams by whipstitching the seam allowances to the silk underlining.

It takes a little time, but it is well worth it.
It takes a little time, but it is well worth it.
I also whipstitched the sleeve seam allowances.

This version isn’t finished yet. I haven’t put the buttons in. In fact. I’m thinking that I may want to set snaps instead of making buttonholes. But if I do, I want really cool ones, so I’m going to scout online this week and in person next week when I’m on a buying trip.

Have I mentioned that I really love this pattern? Here’s the mostly-finished version on Shelley (she doesn’t fill it out quite the way I do)


... and Back!
… and Back!

We’re supposed to get a rather nasty snow “event” later this week. If you are in the path of the storm, please be safe and don’t hurt yourself shoveling!

Happy sewing!

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18 thoughts on “Butterick 5678 v.2 – The Lacier Sibling”

  1. Like it a lot – makes me want to work with some lace too. Regarding the snaps – what about using (invisible) snaps for closure but also adding buttons as a design element?


  2. Niiiiiiice! I’ll have to move this pattern up in the sewing plans, now that I’ve finished mangling I mean modifying the sewing cabinet to hold my machine(s).

  3. Based on your last version I ordered the pattern on the last BMV sale. This blouse is just gorgeous. I have a piece of ivory eyelet sort of lace bought from Gorgeous Fabrics several years ago that I might just need to make up in this pattern. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. What a beautiful rendition of this pattern. Don’t you just love it when the perfect idea comes to mind for those pieces of fabric that we’ve held on to for so long?

  5. I’m loving this rendition even more. Hoover … meet me at the back door with Shelley … I like Sabine’s idea of snaps and buttons.

  6. Why? Why must you torment me? My “To Sew” list is already a mile long, and now THIS? Ugh. I thought we were FRIENDS. Sigh. Add to the list that this would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe for Spring (it can’t snow forever, can it?!), and you’ve really done it this time, Ann. Really.

  7. What a great juxtaposition of pattern and fabric…..girly, sexy, tailored, just right, it looks appealingly airy and yummy. Love what you did, the silk underlining must feel fabulous, the sheer sleeves SO good, the finished blouse SO wearable, the look evokes spring. 4 Stars, Ann! I’m a fan. (and I never would have imagined this, love that!)
    Marcy Tilton

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments! I ordered pearl/silver snaps from SnapSource (NAYY). I’m hoping those arrive this week and I’ll finish it then.

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