Latest Video Is Up – Scary Silks!

Just in time for Halloween, here’s our latest video, “Scary Silks”!

You can see all of our Gorgeous Fabrics University videos in one convenient location:

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I adore sewing with silk. It’s really not that scary at all. I hope these tips will help you!

Happy sewing!

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15 thoughts on “Latest Video Is Up – Scary Silks!”

  1. I have to say Ann, you do some really incredible videos! Such quality work, you look fabulous and enunciate your words so well. Another wonderful video! Thanks so much for doing these – I refer many of my sewing students to these often.
    xoxo, Sunni

  2. I have a silk charmeuse that I have been putting off sewing. Thanks for this video. I’ve always wondered what the process looks like to cut your fabric out on tracing paper. Somehow seeing it done really helps or perhaps shows me that it can be done with minimal fuss. As the others have said, you’ve put out some top quality videos!

  3. Thank you so much for your videos. The information really helps encourage beginning garment sewers like me. Can all silk be washed or just silk dupioni? Can you elaborate more on washing and drying silk? Thanks again.

  4. I’m so sad that I don’t live closer. My hubansd already thinks I’m a bit nutty about sewing, but flying across the country for a sewing weekend could very well be the thing that has him commit me to a funny farm. :/ Looks like you all had a fabulous time!!

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