Haute Couture Club of Chicago, Fashion Show

I spent last weekend I spent in Chicago, visiting friends and attending the Haute Couture Club of Chicago’s annual fashion show. What a wonderful time! A group of us converged on the city for fabric, fashion fun and frolic. Patti F. was our hostess, and we all had such fun! You saw some of the activities in my last post, and if you saw Carolyn’s, or Mardel’s blogs, you’ve gotten to see some of the goings-on.

Sunday was the actual show. The theme was “Tour de France”, and it took you on a fashionable whirlwind, from getting on the plane to Paris, to a sojourn to Deauville, skiing in the French Alps, and other fantastic flights of fashionable fancy. There were over one-hundred garments, though the show proceeded at a brisk clip, so it held our attention. It was a great fun time! Here are some pictures. You’ll notice a trend – I took a lot of pictures of my girlfriends and not so many of the show in general. Oh well! Here you go…

L-R: Nancy of SewWest, me, MaryBeth of The Stitchery

Of course, we had to examine each other's handiwork!
Linda, Liana and Mardel
Nancy and Mary Beth
Carolyn (right) and her lovely Mom, Carrie, who when snoop shopping with us!

Cennetta had a bunch of (gorgeous) outfits in the show. Here are a couple:

Travel wardrobe
Her fabulous faux shearling coat
Her award-winning stripes challenge jacket

There were other folks in the show too!

Such great variety from a single striped fabric!
Rhonda Buss knitted this aMAYzing jacket!
I love these matching outfits, and the girls were adorable!
Liana wore the most gorgeous long gown!

It was such a great time. It was wonderful to see old friends, meet new friends and view such inspiring work. The Haute Couture Club of Chicago hosts the fashion show every spring. If you are in the Chicago area, this is a great group. I wish we had one here in Boston!

Happy sewing!

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17 thoughts on “Haute Couture Club of Chicago, Fashion Show”

  1. That looks like so much fun! Everybody so fabulous in their own creations, inspiration everywhere you looked… must be nice. I wish we had a group like that here in Cheyenne, too.

  2. Some day I hope to be able to meet up for such a fun fashion and sewing event. In the mean time, I always love to read posts and view the photos from those who are able to attend. Thanks for sharing!

  3. WOW! Very nice post, Ann. It was so wonderful seeing my long-distance sewing friends. I’m excited about next year and hope you are planning to come.

  4. Eighteen months ago, I thought NO ONE sewed any more. Posts like yours — especially your report from Chicago — make me realize that people are sewing incredibly well out in the big world.

    It’s all so beautiful and inspiring. Ann, your Chanel jacket looks smashing!

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