17 thoughts on “Sneak Peek!”

  1. Oooooo! You naughty woman! I hate when people hint at exciting things and don’t give the whole story right away! Please tell all!

    Whatever it is, it looks great!

  2. Hey are those props yours? (the mini dressform and the Singer)…this takes me back to the shoots I’ve done, people think it’s glamorous but isn’t it funny how time consuming it is? And then there is editing part – oy! 🙂

  3. The Pressinatrix gets her own TV show? Or spot on someone’s? You’re creating a series of DVDs or videos for sale? Can’t wait for the full story…

  4. I would say it’s a Craftsy class – but it isn’t the standard set. I guess it could be a different set though hmmmm….
    Either way, you’ve piqued my interest 🙂

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