Fashion Star Patterns from McCalls

I was drinking my coffee this morning and I saw these patterns posted on McCalls’ Facebook. These are the new patterns from the “Fashion Star” TV show. I hate to admit that I haven’t seen the show. I’m a little reality-TV’d out, and Project Runway All Stars put the nail in that coffin, unfortunately. But hey, these patterns have some possibilities.

McCall 6556

This one is a great option for a beach cover up. Of course, don’t wear it while cooking over an open flame, but wouldn’t it look fabulous for drinks on the lanai? I think I’m going to make it up in this rayon jersey:

Rayon Striped Jersey in Olive/Gray

This one is cute, too:


It’s enough like the dress I just finishedthat I may not make it right away. But it would look fabulous in this Super Hawt designer voile.

Hawt! NY Designer Voile - Multi Brights

I would style this one with a belt (purchased, not self)


And make it with a tropical weight wool like this one:

Wool "Twill" Novelty - Black/White

That would look fabulous with a white patent belt!

And the ever-popular Hostess gown:


Get your inner 70s Goddess on with this silk twill

Calling Carol Brady Silk Twill

Or go for the ease of this knit. Can you tell I’m into prints for this one?

Sunset Windows ITY Jersey - Red Tones/Black/Gold

I really like the first two. I think I’ll put the first one on the top of my to-do pile.

Happy sewing!

8 thoughts on “Fashion Star Patterns from McCalls”

  1. Meredith P says:

    Open flame! [snort] Actually, my first reaction was rather beachy too…as in beach towel. That’s my inner Floridian. I like your idea about drinks…oh, yeah, around the lanai. For me, those things with a large, asymmetrical piece hanging off are very annoying, and potentially dangerous. I picture myself getting tangled, and strangling myself…but the drinks? Yes! The show almost frightens me. I saw the first few minutes and was so confused…and the bright lights and explosions were a bit off-putting…The new promo for PR Season 10 is great though. It features Tim Gunn, expounding on the things we love about PR. Mostly HIM!

  2. devra says:

    LOVE that wacky silk twill for that dress!

  3. Rachel says:

    I LOVE that voile. It demands a sun dress.

  4. Cennetta says:

    I looked at this pattern collection this morning and thought, how cute. Thinking to myself, “No you don’t need another pattern.” But I’m thinking twice about it. I really like your beach cover up idea. And 6554 is cute too. Yep, I will probably pick up one or two patterns at the next JoAnn sale. Oh, BTW- Great fabric sections for these little pretties.

  5. nommh says:

    Thanks for pointing these out! I think M6553 may be the tent dress for me.
    Unfortunately I’m in stash-busting mode so your lovely fabric suggestions are lost on me.

  6. sharon says:

    the patterns are on sale for 99 cents each at joann’s this week! I bought the first 3. wasn’t really into the hostess dress. but love the prints you chose for each of them!

  7. 45andSexy says:

    I made M6553 last week, thick Jersey Knit. Grey and White wide painted stripes. I’m a size 6 so the stripes actually brought the look out. I finished off with a self made belt, sort of a sash like – I must admit, it was hot. Tons of compliments and orders! I’m making the MP230 this week for my cousin’s wedding. That’s right – wedding. Will do in a soft elegant fabric, will not go knit on this one. Instead of gathers in the side, may just add a tie around through this one as well. Tell me what you think!

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