Tip: Make the Skirt(s) First

This is one that I mentioned in passing when I made my last Chemo Dress, but I use it time and again so I figured it was time to turn it into a tip.

Lining (left) and skirt for my Vogue dress

When making a dress that has a voluminous (read, “Bias or partly bias”) skirt, I construct the skirt first. Since you need to let the skirt hang at least overnight before hemming, this saves some time. Make the skirt and/or lining, then let them hang on a hanger or a dress form for at least 8 hours. While the skirt is hanging, you can construct the bodice. Once the bodice is done, you can then attach the two parts and hem immediately. Saves time and seems to me like a more logical progression.

Happy sewing!

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7 thoughts on “Tip: Make the Skirt(s) First”

  1. I do this often, especially with circle skirts that need to hang. This approach works great when you’re sewing in short periods of time, completing the skirt is usually easier, too.

  2. Brilliant! (as usual) Makes perfect sense, but I’m usually so wrapped up in how the top will fit, that the skirt doesn’t come to mind till later.

  3. Great tip. I did this just yesterday. I am fiddling around with the fit of the bodice of the dress but was eager to make progress. Then I remembered reading this tip and made the skirt. It gave me the progress satisfaction I needed to continue with the bodice modifications!

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