Thanksgiving Weekend PJ Sewalong – My Fabric and Patterns

I decided to go with the 11 oz. Rayon Jersey in Black. I like the feel of it and I figure I can regulate my temperature by throwing on or taking off a robe or wrap. I think I’m going to trim it with some Ice Blue jersey that has since sold out. I have the header, and it will be perfect for the trim. I think I may also make a set in Peacock Rayon Jersey with self trim, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so I’ll start with the black.

So how about you? What fabric and patterns are you guys using?

Parting Story: Poor Mary

A few years ago, my then choir director, Ryan, who is now the number two guy at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, asked me to do a solo for Christmas called “Poor Mary”
“Poor Mary”, Ann Steeves, Soprano, and Ryan Murphy, Piano

“Poor Mary” was written by Katherine K. Davis, who is best known for “The Little Drummer Boy”. This is one of her least known works. But Renee Fleming sang it with the MoTab (thanks for that, Becky!) back in 2006 or so. Ryan, who is one of the world’s best musicians (and I’m not exaggerating when I say that), pulled together the melody line for me, and improvised the piano accompaniment.

So with that as the background, I get calls every year around this time from people who are dying to do that song and want the music. Alas, I don’t think there is a piano reduction anywhere. We just wung that mother. However, if anyone is looking for any of Katherine K. Davis’ works, she left them all to the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, MA. I’d give them a call and see if they have a copy available.

Happy singing and sewing!

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15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend PJ Sewalong – My Fabric and Patterns”

  1. I JUST went through my patterns and decided on what projects I wanted to sew up next…. I guess I’ll be adding PJs to the list! I still have yet to make Bel-Air Lounging Pajamas (I purchased a beautiful royal blue satin to make it up in) although if I’m pressed for time, it may just be a quick pair of pajama pants as the standby!

  2. Wow, you’ve got a fine set of pipes, Lady!! I can’t imagine that Renee Fleming could have sung that any better than you did! As for my PJ sewalong, I think I’ll be using the new Butterick pattern #5571 (assuming it shows up in the mail within the next week). I love nightgowns, so I plan to make the long version with long sleeves, probably out of some lightweight cotton lawn that’s buried in my stash. I’ve still got some of the lovely 8″ wide double-edged lace that I bought from you some time ago, and may cut it in half and use it for trim on the bottom edge.

  3. I’ve committed to making ‘buddy britches’ (big fluffy flannel pj pants) for about 9,000 of my nearest and dearest (about 25 or so, really). I drafted simple pants patterns with pockets and an elastic waist. They’re pretty much Santa and Mrs. Santa-sized, so I should fit everyone, even if they are a little submerged in fabric. Elegant, no.Comfy, oh yes.

  4. ahhhhhh, I did so enjoy ‘Poor Mary’! *exquisite*

    I want to make a robe. I think I’ll use a pattern I’ve made once before and I am on the lookout for a delicious fabric. Maybe a minky.

  5. Ann, Ann, Ann. What a way to begin the day, listening to you sing “Poor Mary” . Breathtaking, beautiful; thank you.

  6. Oh, I have just listened to an angel sing! Beautiful.
    We’re Mormon and we call the Tabernacle Choir “the MO-Tab”. It makes me laugh because it sounds like Motown, and the two genre could not be any more different.

  7. Is there no end to your talent, Ann??? Simply beautiful. I’m so happy to have heard your beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. It is so nice to finally hear you sing – you have such a beautiful voice and sing a beautiful song as well. No jammies for me at present – I’m still looking for my sewing mojo.

  9. Ann, I am going to attempt to copy a favorite nightgown that I own, and add some trim. Also, I will make it mid calf to keep warm here in Michigan. My fabric is a blue bamboo knit and the trim is a rose colored lace triangle piece. The nightgown is a favorite from Gap and I should be able to do this!!

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