Construct From the Inside Out

If you read the directions for most patterns, the order in which they have you construct a garment goes like this: make the outer shell. Make the lining. Make the inner foundation (if there is one). Attach layers.


No, dear readers. If you want your garment to turn out well, work from the inside out. In the case of my Badgley Mishka gala dress, I started with the inner corselette. Once that was fitted, I made the muslin for the outer garment. The muslin fit completely differently without the corset underneath. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Everything we’ve ever learned about fitting garments says to wear the undergarments you’ll be wearing when the garment is done. And the corselette is the undergarment, right? Well, there you go.

So, I counter the standard instructions with this suggestion. Make any foundation garment first, then make the lining, and only after those are done, make the outer shell. You’ll definitely end up with a better result.

Happy sewing!

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3 thoughts on “Construct From the Inside Out”

  1. Hmm. Make the inner part of the garment first, then the outer shell. I think that’s the way we get dressed, no? Undergarments, then the street clothes. Makes complete sense to me; and now you say that’s the way complex garments should be constructed. What happened to the pattern direction writers? Do they all wear their brassieres on the outside ? Ha Ha. Love your site and blog; have a large day!

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