Halloween Sewing and Sundry Stuff

This year, DS the younger wants to go as an elf from Bored of the Rings Lord of the Rings. So I told him I would make a cape for him to wear. This being costume, not couture, I took lots of liberties and shortcuts. I based the pattern on McCalls 5292. I used dark gray fleece for the fabric. To save time, I shortened the length of the cape by 3 inches so it would fit on a folded length of the fleece. The pattern calls for a CB seam, which I eliminated, and cut the back on the fold. I also eliminated the CF hems and instead used the selvages of the fabric at the opening. That left me with two seams (side seams) and the hood. Since fleece doesn’t ravel, I skipped the bottom hem as well. The result? I give you Legolam Legolas!

DS the younger also wants to start sewing (that’s my boy!) so we are going to make him a pair of pajama pants. We’ll work on that this afternoon. I was his age when I started sewing, so hopefully this will be the start of a lifelong skill.

Parting Shot: Guard Dog

On duty
Hoover, Keeping the world safe from coffee cake.

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11 thoughts on “Halloween Sewing and Sundry Stuff”

  1. Yep.
    I just finished a Naughty Alice in Wonderland costume for D1.
    Costume not couture. I like that Ann.
    The shortcuts I took were embarassing…. Your son looks great!

  2. Nice cape, I’d never have known about the shortcuts if you hadn’t pointed them out. Your son looks great in it. He’ll have a wonderful sewing teacher, I’m glad you are starting him out on something a bit more interesting than a pillow.

    That looks like a dangerous coffee cake, I’m glad Hoover is on duty keeping everyone safe!

  3. Handsome boy, love the cape. My son would be all over that. He always has me making sword sleeves that attach to a belt (elastic) and velcro off to duel. Fleece is a great idea, I worry about the dog hair factor as we are 3 deep in the dog department. Fun post. Happy Halloween!

  4. Adorable guy with cape. 😉

    And the dog is priceless. So many times I have seen that look/position in the kitchen, within smelling distance or eyesight of some yummy people food, fresh out of the oven?? hehehehe

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