Pattern Review – Vogue 8646 Wrap Dress

Pattern Description: Close-fitting, mid-knee length, wrap dresses A, B have front pleats, back darts and flared skirt. B: three-quarter length sleeves with elbow dart and stitched hem. Purchased belt. Separate pattern pieces provided for A, B, C, D cup sizes. I made view B.

Sizing: 6-22, with different bodices for A, B, C, and D cups. I ended up making the 14 with the C-Cup.

Fabric Used: An absolutely beautiful, but sold-out now, jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Needle/Notions Used: 75/11 Stretch needle. Gutterman thread in the sewing machine, poly cone thread in the serger. Small hook for the closure. Other than that, nothing.

Did it look like the photo or drawing when you got through? Yes.

How were the instructions? They were okay. I did some things differently, so I didn’t really use them.

Construction Notes: First thing to note is that this pattern is beautifully drafted. Can I tell you how much I love the different cup sizes??? Love. Them!

That said, check the bodice measurements of the different pattern pieces against your own measurements. Even though my bra size is a D-cup, the C-cup measurements fit me better. I made a muslin and sure enough, C was the right size.

Did I tell you I LOVE the different cup sizes?

The instructions would have you use bias tape to finish the neckline and (if you are going sleeveless) the armholes. Why, Vogue? Why??? You make this beautiful pattern. You do wonderful things with the fit. And then you tell folks to use bias tape? Store-bought bias tape? No, no, no. Listen friends. This is a fabulous pattern. Just ignore that little part in the instructions. Instead, do what I, and every RTW manufacturer does. Simply make a 5/8 inch hem on the neck and armhole. It will look so much better.

Also, Vogue tells you to use ribbon for the wrap ties on the inside of the dress. I made thin self-fabric tubes instead. They work great and I like the look better.

Likes/Dislikes: Other than the bias tape thing, I love it! I really love the pleat at the shoulder. It releases just right so you get good coverage of the bust.

Would you do it again? Would you recommend it? Yes and yes. I will definitely use this as a go-to pattern. To answer some questions about the wrap, it’s not as low-cut as many wrap dresses I’ve tried on (including some DVF dresses). It sits higher and covers more. I think that is thanks in part to the shoulder pleat. You still need to arrange the skirt properly when you sit, but that’s a standard hazard of wrap dresses.

Conclusion: A great pattern! Here’s a picture of it unstyled on Shelley:
Vogue 8646

I’ll try to style it better tomorrow. In the meantime, happy sewing!

18 thoughts on “Pattern Review – Vogue 8646 Wrap Dress”

  1. Gigi says:

    Just beautiful, Ann! I bet those colors look great on you.

  2. Sue says:

    I was just planning on making the Vogue 8379 wrap dress (again) but I have this pattern so now am swaying to this one…
    Still drooling over that fabric!

  3. NancyDaQ says:

    Very nice! Interesting to hear about how the cup sizes work since I’m a D as well. I’ll have to check it out. I am dismayed about the stupid pattern instructions–bias tape, really?

  4. Karin says:

    Um, could you elaborate on the bias tape vs hem on the neckline/armholes? There are a lot of strong opinions on the web among experienced sewers on this, when knits are being sewn. And, as an inexperienced sewer I am confused. Are there times when it is better to use self made bias strips from the knit fabric?

  5. janlynn says:

    Beautiful dress, beautiful fabric. I guess I should say Gorgeous fabric. I did not know about this pattern with cup sizes. Have to check this one out. Thanks.

  6. Phyllis says:

    Butterick 5454 is another version of this pattern (initially I wanted 8646 but I I got the Butterick because it was a $1.99 Jo-Ann sale when I was in the store)…it looks almost identical, except that there are no cup-size variations and no back bodice darts. However, it does come with sleeve variations. But other than its the same style. Vogues are huge on me through the bodice so I’ll let you know how it compares to 8646.

  7. Erica B. says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors!

  8. Irene says:

    Love the dress. And just when I went spouting off about no A-cup sizing, I see that this pattern does have it. I’ll definitely have to try this one out. That’ll teach me to do better research!

  9. Cissie Wellons says:

    Great looking dress. I like the fact that there is not a ton of yardage in the skirt. Can’t wait to see your styling!

  10. Toby Wollin says:

    OK. I’m sold. Especially on the cup size thing. I have had very good luck in the other things I have sewn from Vogue that have that feature. Question: How many inches down from the hollow at the base of your throat do you estimate the crossover goes?

  11. Gorgeous colors and I love the style.

  12. Karen says:

    Great fabric…. I have this pattern – bought it specifically for the different cup sizes. Adding it to the list….

  13. Handmade says:

    Lovely … now, what is your opinion on the different cup sizes???

  14. Summerset says:

    Love it – those rich colors will look fab on you. I like the fact that the v-neck isn’t too low. Altering them is just one more step, and sewing knit dresses like this should be easy. Not sure about that bias tape – maybe they were thinking it would stabilize bias areas of the knit?!? Narrow hems or bindings are just as easy, though.

  15. kathleen says:

    Beautiful dress! This will look great on you.

  16. Amber says:

    Very pretty! And there goes another pattern to add to the to-buy list. Heh.

  17. Shannon says:

    Ah, finally I can see your finished dress. I’m not sure why, but I needed to switch to a new browser to view your blog page. Anyway….Your wrap dress is beautiful and it will definitely look awesome with boots and a belt, as you were thinking in your previous post. I have a couple more of your posts to catch up on. Looks like good information to read, and I will!

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