Lady Gray Muslin

You know how I feel about muslins, and this demonstrates clearly why I feel that way. I made a muslin of the Lady Gray coat to test the fit. I’ve never used Colette patterns before and I have no idea how their sloper compares to the slopers other patterns use. I’m very glad I decided to make a muslin. Check out why. Here are a couple of pictures of the muslin on me.

Right shoulder:

Left shoulder:

I made a size 8 straight out of the package. Looking at these pictures I know I need to do several things.

  • Lower the bust point
  • Adjust the shoulder in front
  • Add a little to the waist
  • Change the sleeve to a less voluminous style
  • Use a size 10 (sigh…)

I may also want to take a bit of the flare out, though I haven’t entirely decided on that yet. I think I will also convert this to a shoulder princess seam.  I like those better and for my body type, a shoulder princess is more flattering and easier to fit.

More later!

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